No Recipe Breakfast Hash (AIP/Paleo) (2024)

Breakfast Food March 25, 2014

No Recipe Breakfast Hash (AIP/Paleo) (1)

No Recipe Breakfast hash is my favourite way to eat breakfast
This baby was published back in 2014, when I was a relative newbie to AIP. But, all these years later, no recipe breakfast hash remains my preferred brekkie option…

I really have become the queen of the breakfast hash. Seriously…

To understand why breakfast hash has become such a big deal here at my place, you kind of have to get that all the usual culprits are off the breakfast menu on the AIP. No cereal – not even my favourite secret squirrel grain-free granola. No toast – not even the gluten-free kind. No eggs – at least until they’re successfully reintroduced (note – they now have!). No tomatoes – they’re a nightshade. The good news? – bacon is still on the menu! And, so is avocado!

I think breakfast is the biggest mind shift required on the autoimmune protocol. I can’t really put my finger on exactly why that is? – Perhaps because we have been indoctrinated into believing that breakfast must consist of different foods to our other meals?

Well, if you want to eat breakfast while on the AIP, you definitely need to get over the need for cereal and toast, ‘toot sweet’. And, one of the logical solutions to this wee problem is hash.

No Recipe Breakfast Hash (AIP/Paleo) (2)

Not only does hash meet all the AIP requirements, but it also happens to taste GREAT and it’s the best way I know to use up all the leftovers in my fridge.

And, you don’t even need a recipe.

What you do need for a great hash is the right combination of
protein + starchy vegetables + greens.

While it is certainly possible to make an *adequate* hashwith a combo’ of either protein + starchy vegetables, or starchy vegetables + greens; to make your hash sing, you need all three.

And, if you want it to really sing,
a base of slowly sweated onion and bacon is a must!

I know I said this was a ‘no-recipe’ hash BUT I’m going to give you a recipe, sort of. It’s more like a framework – something to loosely refer to as you experiment with your hash flavours.

And, if you’re not following the AIP, throw an egg on top of your hash – fried or poached. It will make everything taste even better!

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No Recipe Breakfast Hash (AIP/Paleo)

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My most favourite an oft-repeated AIP-friendly meal option - breakfast, lunch or dinner! (All measurements extremely approximate and subject to fridge contents!)

Author: Joanna Frankham

Recipe type: Breakfast

Serves: 2-4


  • ½ - 1 tablespoon 'happy' fat of choice
  • 1 onion, diced
  • 3 rashers (slices) happy bacon, diced
  • 1 cup leftover roasted/steamed/mashed starchy vegetables (think pumpkin, kumara/sweet potato, yams, parsnips, carrots, celeriac)
  • 1 cup leftover roasted or grilled meat or fish (beef, pork, lamb, chicken, salmon - whatever tickles your fancy)
  • 1 cup leftover roasted/steamed green vegetables (think broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, cabbage, zucchini) or 1 cup shredded leafy greens (spinach, kale, silver-beet/chard)
  • Optional - 1 tablespoon chopped fresh herbs (Parsley, chives, coriander/cilantro)


  1. Melt your fat in a large frypan over medium-high heat. Add onions and sweat for 5 - 10 minutes. Add the bacon and cook for another 5 minutes.
  2. Turn up the heat a little and throw in your meat and starchy vegetables. When ready, add the vegetables (This is a bit of a judgement call - I like my hash crispy around the edges which takes a little longer. Some don't). Check for seasoning.
  3. After plating, add your chopped herbs


Great on its own or served with sliced avocado, sliced fruit and/or fermented vegetables.

E N J O Y !

No Recipe Breakfast Hash (AIP/Paleo) (5)

Joanna Frankham / About Author

Joanna Frankham helps you to make lasting diet and lifestyle choices that serve you. Jo is your AIP Mentor and Certified Health Coach who uses tools, rituals and group programs (like her foundational AIP Reset group program) to help you break down the AIP framework into manageable pieces; all to enable you to implement positive changes to improve your health. Jo’s special sauce is her ability to facilitate bringing AIPers together in a way that is informed, inclusive and encouraging. Chronic illness doesn’t have to be isolating.

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No Recipe Breakfast Hash (AIP/Paleo) (2024)
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