Fab Food 4 All's Top 20 Recipes 2020 (2024)

What were Fab Food 4 All’s Top 20 Recipes 2020? You’re about to find out plus I share readers’ comments and other food bloggers’ top recipes!

Fab Food 4 All's Top 20 Recipes 2020 (1)

It’s a New Year tradition here at Fab Food 4 All to compile a list of the Top 20 Recipes from the previous year. For added excitement, I’ve also added some of your lovely comments which mean the world to me!

2020 was a terrible year but one good outcome was that we cooked more from scratch and many of us (including me) even grew our own produce for the first time. When most of our pleasures were taken away from us there was comfort to be found in food and nature and there still is.

One thing everyone seemed to make this year more than ever was Banana Bread and my Spelt Banana Bread had 3 times as many views this year as a result. Despite this, it didn’t quite make the top 20 coming in at 22 from 32.

So grab a cuppa and I’ll take you through your Top 20 Recipes 2020. There’s a new number 1, I wonder if you can guess what it is?

Top 20 Recipes 2020 plus readers’ comments!

20. (↓10)

Fab Food 4 All's Top 20 Recipes 2020 (2)

My Quick & Spicy Prawn Curry is perfect for busy people as it takes just over 20 minutes to make. Why order a takeaway when you can have something made with authentic spices, fresh ginger, red chilli and cream? No wonder it’s so popular!

Lett said “Made this tonight, absolutely delicious. My son usually eats whatever meat or fish is in a curry and leaves most of the sauce, tonight he used his naan bread to eat every bit of the sauce. It tasted very much like an Indian restaurant curry.”

19. (↓12)

Fab Food 4 All's Top 20 Recipes 2020 (3)

This Nut Roast is popular all year round, particularly at Christmas. I had a choice of recipes I could re-create for The Vegetarian Society so I’m very glad I chose this one a few years ago!

Rory said “Great recipe. Everyone loved it at Christmas and made it again today. Have already passed it on to relatives and friends. Thank you.”

18. Slow Cooked Chicken Italian (↓2)

Fab Food 4 All's Top 20 Recipes 2020 (4)

I know the appeal of this recipe as you simply dump the ingredients and go! Chicken thighs are cooked with Italian chopped tomatoes, chestnut mushrooms, bell peppers, red onions, black olives etc for a yummy family meal!

Lisa said “Just made this and I’ve got empty bowls from my two children. Great recipe for a busy mum. Thank you.”

17. (new entry)

Fab Food 4 All's Top 20 Recipes 2020 (5)

Crystallised stem ginger mellows the sharpness of the rhubarb in this utterly delicious jam. These 2 flavours are truly a match made in foodie heaven and you thought so too!

Sal said, “Love, love, love this jam and so does everyone else!”

16. Easy Seedless Raspberry Jam (↑1)

Fab Food 4 All's Top 20 Recipes 2020 (6)

Mr Fab Food 4 All doesn’t like seeds so I made this jam for him. Turns out he’s not the only one!

Diane said “What a winner this recipe is! I’ve made it quite a few times now. Absolutely delicious and no pesky seed to stick in your teeth”

15. Granny’s Quick Lemon Curd (↑5)

Fab Food 4 All's Top 20 Recipes 2020 (7)

Rightfully up 5 places this year as this is the easiest, quickest and most delicious lemon curd on the planet. If you’ve never made lemon curd then it’s a 5-minute job, go and make some now! You can thank me later. Read to the end of this post first, then go and make it.

Diane said “What a winner this recipe is! I’ve made it quite a few times now. Absolutely delicious and no pesky seeds to stick in your teeth.”

14. Quick One Punnet Strawberry Jam (1st Prize Winning) (↑4)

Fab Food 4 All's Top 20 Recipes 2020 (8)

My Quick One Punnet Strawberry Jam has been making a steady climb over the last couple of years. It’s a great jam to make if you’ve never made jam before as no special equipment is needed, just an ordinary-sized saucepan!

Eileen said “Made this with my 8 and 10 year old granddaughters. They were thrilled with the results and as it was during lockdown it was a lovely new activity to do.”

13. Damson Jam (↑3)

Fab Food 4 All's Top 20 Recipes 2020 (9)

A gnarly old Damson tree in my parent’s garden was the inspiration for my Damson Jam recipe. I also share a unique tip for pitting damsons! A beautiful jam with a unique flavour!

Lynne said “I also found that this was the nicest jam I have made yet, tangy and sweet. It was a great tip to use a cherry pitter to get rid of the stones before cooking.”

12. (↑2)

Fab Food 4 All's Top 20 Recipes 2020 (10)

This is one of my all-time favourite jams as blackberries and apples complement each other so beautifully.

Mark said “My first try ever, great result. Thanks so much for the instructions, even the wife approved!”

11. (↑2)

Fab Food 4 All's Top 20 Recipes 2020 (11)

This is a dish I grew up with and is still a firm family favourite. Layers of bacon, sliced potatoes, onion and tomato are repeated then finished off a little stock, grated Cheddar and then baked.

Mrs L Whiting said, “I’ve made this dish several times and my family love it, especially my fussy son who only eats chips, wedges or roasties.”

10. One Pot Minced Beef Hotpot (↓5)

Fab Food 4 All's Top 20 Recipes 2020 (12)

One Pot Minced Beef Hotpot is pure comfort food packed full of root vegetables and peas with a hint of horseradish!
Adam said “It’s so good. Absolutely delicious – my kind of meal. Thanks for sharing, this one’s going to be a staple dish that I’ll cook all the time.”

9. Banana Pudding (↑6)

Fab Food 4 All's Top 20 Recipes 2020 (13)

Banana Pudding is perfect for using up 5 ripe to over-ripe bananas! With a stodgy middle and crispy outer this pudding is pure comfort food at its best!

Hayley said “Great recipe. I love how it uses up loads of bananas with not many other ingredients lol. I also like the gooeyness and stodginess of it. It’s lovely! We only used 3 bananas in ours because that’s all we had but I really enjoyed it! We had ours with custard 🙂 currently in coronavirus quarantine so I’m sure we will be making this again soon!”

8. Non Alcoholic Mojito (↓2)

Fab Food 4 All's Top 20 Recipes 2020 (14)

Non Alcoholic Mojito is a refreshing blend of mint leaves, apple juice, lime juice, elderflower cordial and soda water. The perfect mocktail for a special occasion especially Valentine’s Day.

Leslie said “Wow Thanks, Camilla! I’ve always loved mojito but my husband could never share it with me because he has to drive. Now we’ve got a solution!”

7. Cherry Jam (↓4)

Fab Food 4 All's Top 20 Recipes 2020 (15)

My Cherry Jam is out of this world good and even won a reader 1st prize at a county show once. Sadly, when I entered it into our local parish day show it came nowhere (what can I say, I was robbed)!

Sharon said “Just made this jam. It’s absolutely delicious. As a first-time jam maker, I’m very pleased with it. This will not be my last jam session. Thanks for the recipe.”

6. Monday Pie (↑2)

Fab Food 4 All's Top 20 Recipes 2020 (16)

2020 was all about comfort food so no surprise that my Monday Pie recipe went up 2 places. This quick and easy dish is made with leftover roast beef from the Sunday roast and includes mushrooms and baked beans.

Lydia said “This was SO good! I didn’t have mushrooms on hand, so didn’t add them but did everything else as instructed. We all loved it!”

5. Eve’s Pudding (↑7)

Fab Food 4 All's Top 20 Recipes 2020 (17)

Eve’s Pudding was the highest mover this year and I’m not really surprised as it’s my all-time favourite pudding. A layer of cooked Bramley apples is topped with a vanilla sponge and served with custard for the ultimate comfort pudding!

Christine said “My husband made this for me last night. It was so lovely that he had to make another tonight. Brilliant recipe.”

4. 2 Ingredient Slow Cooker Roast Lamb (↓3)

Fab Food 4 All's Top 20 Recipes 2020 (18)

Last year’s number 1! Roasting lamb in a slow cooker is so easy with my recipe and will keep your oven splatter-free! Succulent, fall-off-the-bone lamb is guaranteed.

May said “Omg! This was the best lamb roast that I’ve ever had, hubby too, it’s so quick and easy, I’ll never cook it any other way, thanks so much for sharing this recipe.”

3. Simple Blueberry Jam (↑6)

Fab Food 4 All's Top 20 Recipes 2020 (19)

My Simple Blueberry Jam had a leap of 6 places and no small wonder! It tastes out of this world good and perfect for a glut of blueberries. I hope to have a crop this summer as bought 2 blueberry bushes last summer (fingers crossed).

Adrian’s comment made me chuckle “This worked perfectly with frozen berries and I’m a boy. Thanks so much.” Yep, even boys can make jam!

2. (↑2)

Fab Food 4 All's Top 20 Recipes 2020 (20)

Another climb upwards for my Raspberry Jam as I think people had more time on their hands during lockdown to put their homegrown raspberries to good use. I have bought a raspberry cane so hope to have a few raspberries this summer.

1. Easy Grape Jam (↑1)

Fab Food 4 All's Top 20 Recipes 2020 (21)

My Easy Grape Jam blew my mind the first time I tasted it as it’s not something you can buy in the UK. So, if you see a box of grapes going cheap like I did, then make this jam. I had lots of UK grape growers making this jam last year too! Another fruit I’d like to grow but just don’t have the space.

Hazel said “Best recipe for grapes since the Romans made wine! Luscious jam with minimum effort.”

Top Recipes from Other Food Bloggers in 2020

So, what else was popular in 2020 on other food blogs I hear your cry! Well, being very helpful I asked a few and here are their most popular recipes:

Fab Food 4 All's Top 20 Recipes 2020 (22)

Pan de Batata by Culinary Travels

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So those were the most popular recipes of 2020 along with some of your comments. Hope you enjoyed this roundup and if your favourite recipe wasn’t in the list then please let me know what it is in the comments below.

Do keep sharing your pics with me on social media by tagging @FabFood4All and comment on and rate my recipes. Who knows, your comment could make it onto my Instagram stories or in next year’s Top 20 post!

Wishing you all a healthy and peaceful 2021, let’s keep baking, cooking and jamming to bring comfort to ourselves and our loved ones! If there are any recipes you’d like me to develop then do let me know in the comments below.

Camilla xxx

Fab Food 4 All's Top 20 Recipes 2020 (2024)
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