Time Skip in the NYC Subway. (2023)


Time Skip in the NYC Subway.

Today, we will be listening to the account of a woman who seems to have experienced a brief skip in time, or "Time Glitch." on the New York City Subway System. Time Travel is not a well understood concept, but strange "Time Skips" have been reported throughout history.

The NYC Subway can be an unsettling place, containing mysterious abandoned train tunnels, subway stations, among other strange oddities.

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How certain are we of the nature of reality? How can we be so certain that Humanity's generally accepted view of the world is concrete and objective The Story You're about to hear will force you to question these assumptions, it will cause you to question just how much we truly know about the world this universe and the Very nature of time and space.

Perhaps there is more than meets the eye More Than, This Dimension would like for the general population to know today we will be listening to One woman's experience when this Veil appears to have been lifted.

If only for a short moment, I encourage you to grab a snack, get comfortable and shut the blinds here.

We go foreign.

This happened back in the fall of 2004.

I, remember, because this happened during my first year in New, York, City, I lived there for a few years while I was attending Columbia University.

The college is pretty far Uptown on the west side of Manhattan.

And for that reason, I chose to get my apartment Uptown as well that way it was only a short walk to get to school.

Maybe around 15 minutes from my apartment on 103rd Street I'm, only mentioning this to point out that for the most part I wasn't too familiar with the public transit system.

I mean, I knew how to use the subway and everything, but I wasn't, too keen on what was normal and what wasn't one of my friends at the time lived in Brooklyn.

And our little friend group used to hang out at her house and throw little parties or whatever point is to get there I'd, take the subway all the way down to the Essex Street subway station where I'd make a transfer to a different subway line before crossing over the bridge into Brooklyn.

So it was fairly late one night.

Maybe around one in the morning and I was on my way home from her apartment.

I had just gotten off the bridge.

And now I was making that transfer to head back Uptown to my apartment because I had been down to see her.

So often I had been in this subway station quite a few times.

And every single time that I passed through here, I would notice this massive empty area just across the tracks of the JM platform.

I always wondered what it was.

There seemed to be a lot of old infrastructure back there, maybe some machines and stuff, but I couldn't see any reason for there to be this, huge space.

No workers were ever back there.

No subway car storage, no, nothing, just supporting beams for what seemed like miles up and down for the most part.

It was completely dark, except for some small incandescent lights spread around.

Just enough to see little rats, Scurry around through puddles of God knows what I sat on the bench for a while waiting for my train before a woman came over that horrible PA system.

They have down there I could barely make out that my train was going to be delayed for another 15 to 20 minutes, which almost never happens I kind of glanced around and saw that there was pretty much.

Nobody else in the station, besides maybe one or two people far down on another platform.

Anyways, I.

Guess the Train delay.

Plus the fact that nobody was looking mixed with the glass or two of wine in me made me decide to go check out, whatever the hell was in this huge area across the tracks.

Looking back.

This was extremely stupid, I didn't, even know about that electric third rail, if I'd happen to accidentally touch that I would have literally been fried, but I didn't.

So lucky me I guess, after you cross the track there's this little retention wall, you have to climb over too.

So I went over that and I found myself in the strangest area of the city I've ever been in.

It was exceedingly dark again.

There were only a few dim, yellow lights hanging around the area to light up the way, but other than that.

It was Pitch Black, I, remember walking around understandably on my toes.

But also fascinated with the area.

The more I looked around the more questions I had very quickly, I noticed a pair of tracks on the ground that sort of looped all around the room.

They looked very old though, and it was clear that it had been a very long time since they were used next I noticed something odd about the ceiling, directly above the loops of track.

There were these rails.

I guess I, don't know how to explain them, but they were fixed to the ceiling.

I'd later realize exactly what these were.

But at the time I had no idea.

It was all very interesting, though I continued to look around the area in an attempt to figure out what the strange area is or was used for I noticed.

Several MTA workers come down the stairs and onto the subway platform where I had originally come from so I backed deeper into the room where I could hide in the shadows I wasn't, too worried about these guys worst case they just kicked me back out of the street it's, not like you can ban someone from a city-wide subway system.

Now that I was in the dark I kept tripping over all the [ __ ] on the ground.

While my eyes adjusted.

There was a lot of junk back there.

Probably from homeless people seeking shelter.

The place looked like it hadn't been painted in a hundred years and in all honesty that probably wasn't too far off from the truth.

The steel support beams were all rusted too the floor was really wet as well.

For some reason I couldn't tell if it was from the rain outside, or if it was something leaking in from the sewage system, I figured, it was best not to think about it too much.

It was honestly gross as hell in there writing this all down.

Now, I know, it sounds kind of strange that I would have even wanted to go back there, but I don't know, the mystery of the area drew me in I'm, a sucker for that kind of stuff eventually I had wandered so deep that I couldn't see anything I must have stumbled into some kind of an old tunnel or something I started kind of freaking out.

Because after rounding a corner I had completely lost my sense of direction, I, pulled out my old Verizon, flip phone and flicked on the shitty little flashlight on the back.

It didn't help much I vividly.

Remember how? Dusty it had gotten back there.

And the little amount of light that my phone did produce just reflected off the dust making it really hard to see.

It was better than total darkness, though so I kept it on I, don't know, exactly how long I was in that tunnel.

But there must have been at least five minutes of me freaking out about to piss my pants, trying to get out of there.

I started to worry that I had wandered into an active Subway tunnel or something which wasn't a fun thought to make matters.

Worse, the phone flashlight, just cut off.

It almost seemed to like burn out it suddenly kind of shifted to a reddish orange before fading out completely I, tried to get it to turn back on.

But I realized my entire phone was broken.

The screen only displayed this like thin white line through the bottom, half of the screen and nothing I did could get it to work again, I couldn't, even turn the phone off I, tried popping the battery out and putting it back in.

But it would just keep displaying that strange line.

I kept the phone after this strange experience and to this day, that's all that ever displays when I try turning it on continued through the tunnel in complete darkness.

I couldn't even see my own hands in front of me, I eventually found a wall and followed along it with my hand until I happened to spot a door with a tiny bit of light leaking from underneath I was running out of options at that point and I needed to get the hell out of there before I lost my [, __, ] so I, pulled it open, hoping maybe it was an old emergency stairwell up to street level.

However, what I found inside was not what I expected.

It was an office with two people inside one man, sat at a desk and the other leaned over the desk next to him looking at some document with him.

They both kind of jumped as I opened the door, I couldn't, put my finger on it at the time.

But something about them was off almost funny looking.

We both seem to be off put by each other.

The man sitting at the desk was the first to speak, I, don't, remember exactly how that conversation went because this was such a long time ago now, but he was very nice and had a kind of funny accent.

He said, something like you lost her can I help you with something and I said, something like no I'm, just lost I wandered down here into the tunnel and I, don't know, I couldn't find my way out what were you doing all the way down here, I don't know, I got curious, sorry, I know, I shouldn't be down here.

I won't, come back.

But how do I get out of here? They both were kind of staring at me now, with the same strange, look on their faces that I couldn't quite decipher sure the guy at the desk said, he kind of nudged the man standing up before saying something like don't do that again, though I'm, not sure what was going through your head.

But this tunnel takes the street cars up across the Williamsburg it's, not a playground.

A young girl, like you could get hurt down here.

Streetcar, I, didn't know, cars passed down here, maybe I wandered into some tunnel that led cars up onto the bridge that didn't make any sense, though, why would the cars go underground before heading back up and onto the bridge? This was the first sign of things starting to not make much sense.

It only got more strange from there.

I don't, remember, what else we said if anything, but the man leaning against the desk grabbed his black blazer hat and a flashlight before we both walked out into the tunnel.

We walked and talked through the darkness again, I'm paraphrasing, our conversation.

But it went something like this.

So did you sneak all the way down here? Or did you at least pay the fare? Oh, no, I, swiped in I responded swiped in he asked sounded confused, yeah, I swiped at the turnstile.

So you did pay.

Yeah, I said, sort of irritated.

Now that interaction confused me at the time by 2004, New York City had just finished phasing in the new Metro cards, which were introduced in 1993.

to get into the subway system.

You'd have to swipe the card at the turnstile to get inside.

This is obvious to anyone who's familiar with the city at first I thought, maybe he just didn't hear me right? But those words would ring in my head, almost every single day from then on you'll see why? In a moment, neither of us said, much else, I think we both felt weirded out by each other.

So we just kept our mouths shut as we approached a much brighter section of the tunnel here's, where things really start to get confusing I, honestly still don't know what to make of this as we head back into what I thought was the same area I entered from the tunnel I noticed that well, it wasn't the same area.

It was similar, but definitely not the same spot.

This section of the subway was much cleaner.

There were no more wet puddles on the floor, much less dust.

The steel supports were all nicely, maintained and painted with very little visible rust.

Even the ceilings had this sort of rib design.

It was very nice.

The nicest part of the subway system I had ever been in which again, wasn't exactly saying much because I had only been to a handful of stations by this point.

What was weird though was the layout of this area was exactly the same as the last one I quickly realized that it had the same looping tracks on the floor, the same strange rail above said, tracks and I could still hear the subway trains from somewhere nearby, although I couldn't see them this section was much busier, and it wasn't abandoned like the other one.

There were plenty of workers all wearing the same black blazer and hat as the man who was walking with me.

There were lots of other passengers too all in a big group, waiting for this strange vehicle that was looping around on the tracks.

Well, alright, where are you headed? Are you taking one of the street cars back into Brooklyn? If you are there's, the Tompkins AB tram, right there if you run, you can catch it.

Oh, no.

Thanks I'm.

Headed Uptown I'll, make it.


Thanks for the help with the nod.

The man walked off now I was even more fascinated.

Everything about this new area was throwing me off I didn't, even really know what a tram or a trolley was at the time.

I mean, I knew what they were, but I had never really seen one in person, especially not in New York, City, I didn't, even know that they had these I watched as maybe 20 or 30 people all crammed onto the Brooklyn bound trolley all sorts of strange, looking people professional looking men and women all climbed inside after a few minutes, I thought, I had figured out what was going on flashback to the year prior sometime during the holidays me.

And one of my guy friends at the time heard that the subway was going to bring out one of its old antique cars from the 30s to let people ride in again.

It was complete with all kinds of old authentic ads from the time period and other holiday decorations on the outside.

Although we didn't plenty of people got all dressed up in suits and old clothes and even did their hair and makeup the way they would have back in the 30s.

So I concluded that the whole thing was some kind of a reenactment that seemed to make a lot of sense that would explain this antique looking trolley.

And why everyone was all dressed up the way they were I, even saw a few people smoking inside guys and girls I kind of laughed to myself.

Everyone was taking it way, too seriously, the guys with their top hats and newspapers and the girls with their cherry red makeup.


It was interesting to see the old cars, even the workers seem to be in on the ACT being all dressed up with their hats and Blazers.

Usually they just have those bright green or orange MTA work vests on.

They were blowing their whistles and everything the whole shebang I mean, the more I looked around the more intricate I saw the whole thing was the signs even seemed to be period.


One said, something about not tossing cigars out the windows from the bridge.

Others talked about the five cent fare, which is just a joke nowadays, I sort of aimlessly walked around trying to find the exit while still trying to take in this strange place and admiring the trolleys as they came down, the tracks from the dark tunnel and looped around I believe how many people had come out dressed up in these old clothes.

The whole thing seemed to take a lot of effort I was down there for quite a while still unable to find the exit I was getting all.

These strange looks from people too I figured.

It was just because I was ruining the immersion of the reenactment or whatever so I just kept awkwardly holding my hand up to apologize and turning my head away right around then I kind of got hit with a wave of realization.

Why is this happening at like 1, 30 A.M I started to question myself after that.

No just a few moments ago I was waiting on the JM platform heading for Brooklyn.

I couldn't have been in here for any longer than like 30 minutes by that point I was short of it still I knew that I did have a glass or two of wine and I figured maybe I had lost count on my drinks or something.

By that point, it was starting to feel like I was living in some sort of a strange fever dream where even was I.

What the [ __ ] is going on I felt like I used to when I was a little kid pacing down the aisles of the grocery store, trying to find my mom worrying with every passing second that maybe she had left without me, I started to feel kind of hot so I, pulled my jacket off and sat down on a bench watching this crazy scene play out in front of me.

I knew I could just hop on one of these trolleys, but I felt so out of place everyone was looking at me like I, didn't belong like I was transparent.

They seem to be able to see right through me right to my core.

It was like they could feel how lost and vulnerable I was how confused I was I began to feel scared.

There was this strange sense of vertigo, inducing Doom that I could feel in my stomach, the same feeling you might get when you wake up to a bump in the night unsure, if the sound had truly ever existed.

Or if you had simply made it up in your own mind, a sick prank played onto the conscious mind by the subconscious, little brother I had to get out in a Flash I shot up from my seat and sped back into the tunnel.

This was the only way I knew how to get back to where I'd come from back to that strange empty room back across the tracks back home.

The darkness, engulfed me the deeper and deeper I went inside the tunnel, the suffocating thick dust, slowly returned.

My brisk walk eventually turned into a jog, not wanting to go so fast as to run into a wall.

Then a full-on Sprint through the Deep black void I, went deeper and deeper the world in front of me.

And the World Behind, my eyelids merged into one, the darkness had completely robbed me of my vision.

So I kept my eyelids, shut as I ran to keep the dust out.

I started screaming yelling, I needed something anything anyone I needed to get out I needed to I tripped on a loose, 2x4 and landed in a puddle I was back that experience has haunted me to my bones to this day, not even necessarily because of what happened.

But because of what I learned when I got home and did some research online that area was real.

New, York City did have a trolley terminal at Essex Street.

And those streetcars did cross over the Williamsburg Bridge that is until 1948 when the terminal was permanently shut down.

Now, what does this all mean? What are we to gather from an experience like this? Some of course will refute the account others will believe her perhaps this was exactly the intention of the universe to reveal itself in a nature, which was so incredible that the experience could only be truly understood by its intended recipient.


Does NYC have 24 hour subway? ›

Both the subway and the bus system operate on a 24-hour basis. Nevertheless, not all the Subway station entrances are open all night nor do all lines run throughout the night.

What time is rush hour at the NYC subway? ›

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Subway water tunnels are built approximately 30 feet below the riverbed. Because of the immense pressure exerted by 30 feet of rock, sand, and silt, plus 50 feet of water, such tunnels were in danger of collapsing.

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Our subway system is the largest and busiest in North America. There are 493 stations on 25 routes, spread along 693 miles of track. The subway operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Riding the subway is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to get around the city.

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Overview of New York City's transit system

The New York City subway has a daily ridership of approximately 2.4 million, and our bus system has a daily ridership of 1.2 million.

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At railroad crossings

Never walk or run across crossing gates. Trespassing on tracks is illegal and extremely dangerous. Never use train tracks as a shortcut.

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From 1898 to 1950, various companies operated local trolley lines over the Brooklyn Bridge, taking passengers from many points in Brooklyn and Queens in New York City to the Park Row terminal in Lower Manhattan.

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On January 8, 1902, an express train from White Plains missed signals and plowed into the back of a commuter train that was backed up at the tunnel. Fifteen people were killed instantly and dozens more were bloodied and burned. It was the worst train accident in New York City history.

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Almost every mile of track is open to the atmosphere via stairways and sidewalk grates. “For the same way that your air-conditioner doesn't work well if your windows are open, air-conditioning isn't effective on a subway platform,” he said.

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New York City has two main rail stations: Grand Central Terminal and Penn Station.

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The official count of stations is 472; however, this tabulation classifies some transfer stations as two or more stations, which are called "station complexes" within the nomenclature of the New York City Subway.

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As a general rule, people travelling on trains are warned not to flush the on board toilet while it's not moving. That's because most trains don't have sewage tanks, meaning anything in the toilet is dumped straight onto the tracks. So as you can imagine, if the train is stationary, it can cause huge problems.

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Why are NYC trains so hot? ›

Ironically, the subway system is heated by the energy given off by the A/C that cools the interiors of trains. Lack of air conditioning. Subway stations are not air conditioned, with the exception of the 4/5/6 platforms at 42nd St., which tap into the A/C system cooling Grand Central Terminal.

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The driver is also known as the “Lotto Pilot”. The signals become visible to them from a distance. Thus, the trains don't have to slow down before entering a station and can actually gallop the station at a higher speed.

Do trains stop if they hit someone? ›

In the United States it is the law, same as if involved in a vehicle to vehicle accident or accident with a pedestrian on the road is the same on the railroad, the law and railroad operating rules always require stopping the train after an accident or incident and rendering aid to injured people.

What should a driver do once a train has passed them? ›

Once the train has gone by, Look and Listen for another Train. If there is no sign of an oncoming train, Drive across the tracks.

Why do trains stop and go backwards? ›

“Depending on the length of the train, as well as the length and number of tracks at a rail yard or customer facility, the train may have to move back and forth as it shoves cars into one track, backs out, and then moves forward to drop off or pick up cars on an adjacent track.”

What time does the NYC subway shuttle open? ›

The shuttle runs at all times except during late nights, from about 12 midnight to 6 AM.

Is TTC subway 24 hours? ›

There's an overnight service called the Blue Night Network. Buses and streetcars run on most major routes (transit stops are marked with a reflective blue band) every morning from about 1:30 a.m. to 5:30 a.m. Service is provided every 30 minutes or better.

Do trains run at night? ›

How often do trains run at night? Freight trains and passenger trains run when it's dark, they both need headlights to help the driver see the track ahead. After midnight, most rail traffic is freight trains; passenger trains are out of service to rest. Freight trains run at any time of day.

Does the NYC subway go all night? ›

The subway operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Riding the subway is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to get around the city. For most riders, the subway fare is $2.75. Reduced fares are available for people 65 and older, people with disabilities, and low-income New Yorkers.

Is York Shuttle free? ›

Transportation Services currently offers complimentary shuttle services to transport community members on specific routes. Please see the routes as noted below for specific details and schedule information.

How often does the Times Square shuttle run? ›

Operation. The shuttle operates at all times except between midnight and 5:50 a.m. weekdays, and between midnight and 6:00 a.m. weekends, when alternate service is provided by the parallel 7 train.

What does TTC stand for? ›

Share. The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is a City agency that provides public transit services to approximately 1.7 million daily commuters in Toronto and from surrounding municipalities.

Can I eat in subway TTC? ›

Consumption of food and beverage is permitted while traveling on the Wheel-trans vehicle, provided that it is in containers designed for travel and under the control of the customer/ support person.

How long is a subway TTC? ›

Toronto subway
Operator(s)Toronto Transit Commission
Number of vehicles858 heavy rail and light metro cars 66 work cars
Train length6 cars (Lines 1 and 2) 4 cars (Lines 3 and 4) 3 cars (Line 5)
Headway2 min 50 s – 6 min (Line 1) 3 min – 6 min (Line 2) 5 min – 6 min 45 s (Line 3) 5 min 30 s (Line 4)
17 more rows

Can you sleep on a train? ›

For a truly unique experience when traveling in First Class, Amtrak offers private rooms on many routes across the country. A private room is the perfect option for customers seeking privacy and space on a short trip and added comfort and amenities when traveling overnight.

Do train drivers sleep in train? ›

Does the Railroad Crew Sleep on the Train? People who work on a passenger train including the porters and other staff may have to stay onboard the train for up to 48 hours at a time. In these situations, the onboard crew will often sleep in a dormitory car on the train.

Why do trains have to honk at night? ›

The horn alerts people that a train is approaching a railroad crossing. It can also be used to warn animals or trespassers in our right-of-way along a section of track. Many people don't realize that federal and state regulations require us to sound the horn whenever we approach any crossing.

How do you say hi in NYC? ›

Ayo. Another greeting you might hear New Yorkers say is Ayo. It is an informal way to say hi and basically means ay, you, how ya doin?

What do New Yorkers call Manhattan? ›

New Yorkers also use "The City" to refer specifically to the borough of Manhattan.

What is the oldest subway line in NYC? ›

In 1878 the first truly reliable elevated train line known as the “El” opened, carrying passengers along Greenwich St and 9th Avenue from lower Manhattan up to Harlem. The top-most route shown in this 1881 map depicts the Ninth Avenue Line, the first regular elevated train line in New York City.

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