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Guys we are packing I.

Do notice a big difference between packing when I was skinny and packing when I'm fat like I feel like there's there's, just way more space taken up when you're bigger I, can't, even fit my black jacket in there, oh, well, if you were born seven days ago, how old would you be? Okay, you're gonna do these things repeat this or mute the music for a second? Okay? Okay, say, it say it again, if you were born seven days ago, how old would you be? Okay.

Now, this is a trick question.

I, gotta think about it seven days ago.

How old would you be? Well, I'd be seven days old.

Correct is that it? Yes? Why did you make it sound like it's a trick question? Um.

So there's, some months that have 30 days.

Yeah, yeah.

There's some months that have 31 days.

Yes, how many have 28 days? One February wrong.

They all have 28 days, wait what because every month the months that go up to 30, they have 28 days in them, too, oh tricks.

My face, foreign, um.

So I, packed.

My lunch it's, I, don't know, it's, six o'clock right now, I haven't eaten anything.

We packed lunch so we're, not spending money on food today.

Yay, salad tuna.

That's gonna be our meal.

Yay, I got the pool all to myself.



This is the next day after it's, 6, a.m I'm, trying to get breakfast.

So I can stop pilot.

Upstairs, breakfast is decent tastes pretty good.

Nothing spectacular.

No there's only like two people.

So we took some food and because I don't eat in the morning I'm gonna put it in my little lunch container here and we're gonna eat it later.

So that's, my tip on saving money.

Actually, go down and get more if I want and I got some yogurt over there.

Okay, guys, Daniel's downstairs for breakfast and um.

What time is it 6 52 right on point? Because we are only about, uh, four minutes away from the Goodwill bins.

So we'll make it there before seven early morning, sun, isn't even out yet.

So even arriving here an hour, early there's scouting, we are fifth in line.

There's one, two, three, four and there's, five and six, ours is the energy drink and the McDonald's cup here we are at Apple Valley Savers.

It took us to 30 minutes to drive from our hotel 30 minutes and it's senior Tuesday.

So there's, no parking anywhere in the lot full and fudge so here's, a cute little Junior, Burke, but there's.

So many marks all over it for 13 bucks.

Look at all.

The marks see don't think that's, removable.

So here's, a Cole, Haan, really good leather, low all the hardware, 20 bucks so and it's in American dollars.

So not a brand that really sells for us.

Thank you.

Hey guys.

Just want to show you this cute little vintage coach made in Costa.

Rica 12.99 is not too bad.

But there's like a lot of wear on the corners that we might not be able to fix with maybe with moisturizing, but I don't know, too much work.

Okay, guys so here's, some Michael, Kors, tote bag.

And this neoprene material, they want six dollars for it, which isn't bad.

But the candles are all toe up from the flow up.

And the inside is disgusting so we're, not going to get that either here we are at unique, um, let me see a few bags over there, don't know how much their price though they were Junior Burke, and they wanted 300 each the yellow.

One I, can't, see you foreign welcome back to the channel.

So we are, um.

We are at day one day, one of our trip to Minneapolis, well, technically it's day, two because day one was yesterday that was our road trip here.

Um, it was what was it Labor Day.

It was Labor Day.

So most of the thrift stores.

Well, actually they weren't.

They were putting out inventory.

But by the time we got to, um, Brooklyn, Park in Minnesota.

It was like five o'clock.

So we just I think we hit up a Value, Village, didn't, find anything.

And then we went to Buffalo Wild Wings.

And we ordered some wings.



I did something bad.

I, ordered.


It was eighty dollars.

And the thing is, it was only one pizza and one carrot cake, but I just feel so bad paying eighty dollars for it because it's like I order at Domino's all the time.

And at Domino's it's 8.99, a pizza, I, literally pay less than twenty dollars for two pizzas and I, pick it up.

But this is like I, ordered it on doordash.

So you get a tip.

You have to pay the fees so it's kind of like, but I didn't want to drive, um because there's where we are there's, not really many places.

So, oh, but I also figured, it is a write-off because I'm working business.

It will be a write-off, but also I just can't fathom and that's Canadian, eight dollars Canadian, because they end up being like 59 and 20 cents American.

So I'm kind of annoyed with that kind of annoying, although Carol Carol bought a the long term for me.

So thank you Carol.

She sent me some extra money for coffee so I'm going to allocate that coffee money to my pizza.

Hahaha I, just uh, I, literally had to sit at my pretend.

This is like my phone I, literally sat on it took it out of my cart, went back, tried different other options, because the thing is I, tried different other pizza places.

And it was literally the same thing.

I, ordered a pizza and a triple layer carrot cake, but I'm going to try and stretch out that pizza till tomorrow, maybe so it'll be today's meal and tomorrow's meal.

So maybe that will help us in justifying the price that we paid because we shouldn't be doing that we minus saving hose.

So we shouldn't be doing that at all so we'll, we'll figure something out that makes it worth its while anyway.

Yeah, I was on my phone like I, took it out of my cart and put it back in I, took it out of my cart, put it back in tried it Mexican, but it was the same thing.

Try Chinese food, but it was the same thing.

So I was like, okay, I'll just get the pizza that I want to get and the dessert and we'll call it a game.


Today, uh, Daniel and I went to the bins in the morning.

I picked up three things, which isn't the most greatest, but it's, okay, after, um I was there for only an hour and then I went back to the hotel to just chill on my own Daniel.

Stayed there until from like 8 A.M till noon.

So he was there for four hours, and he picked up a ton of, um, I, just didn't want to do that like wait around for four hours.

So I after that I picked him up.

And then we went to Value Village in Apple, Valley, overpriced, Value, Village in Rapids, didn't find something anything Value Village in Columbia Heights didn't, find anything and then another value and then unique a unique in an Apple Valley I think, that's all that we hit today, um.

And then Daniel had to be dropped off at the concert and that's where he is right now.

He went to a concert, um I'm, not gonna divulge any more information, but I just want to say that I also had a friend come over while Daniel was at the concert, but I'm, not going to go into detail on what had happened.

And what had occurred over there, this saying get back into the freaking video, we picked up two things, well, three, well, two things, technically so there's this.

This is a fossil, uh, strap there's, a fossil bag attached to this.

But it was tore up from the flow up like it was Croc embossed I'm, not really a fan of Croc embossed bags.

And then the corners were peeling.

So just like this we're, not getting the bag let's get the strap because at least we can salvage this probably paid like 60 cents for this.


So we got this and then, um.

Well, actually this whole lot that we paid was seven dollars American, which is like ten dollars, Canadian, maybe ish.

So there is this Coach bag, I, really like it it's in actually really good condition.

I just need to, um position.

It weighted so I can, um re-align the handle.

So they don't look deformed, uh, but it does look slightly deformed.

There is also some like staining, not staining, but I could take that off.

Um, it is like a satchel style.

So it is a desirable style.

There's, three, different compartments.

There's a button, but slip pocket here, middle zip compartment here, right there and it's, not is it affected it's, not a factory outlet bag.

And it was made in China.

So, um and then there's.

Another zip pocket over here.

So there's, some good Pockets organization going on so that's, good I, just need to like stuff it and leave it for a while and hang it where it's weighted so that the handles get back into formation.

And you have the uh coach tag, right? There, we'll wipe that off and there's some perforation going on in the leather trim pieces on the corner, which is cute, um, yeah, I figure we can get like 30 to 40 dollars for this locally, not a fan of this prank.

But it was coach and probably paid three dollars for it.

Uh inside of the lips hole dirty, but nothing crazy and it's, not a factory outlet bag either so, um, I.

Guess, it has that going for it and complete with the Hang tags and the crossbody strap.

So this will probably get again, maybe 25 to 30 for this one, um, but yeah, that's.

All we got one more thing, but I left it in Daniel's car, um it's like a caddy like a shower caddy that you just hang over like your shower head and put like shampoos.

And on there, because mine is just from the dollar store and um it's, not really like cool.

So this one was like brushed metal looked very, uh, you know, uh, Posh and I think I paid like two dollars for it at the Goodwill bin.

So this all the stuff that we got was from the Goodwill bins in Brooklyn Park, which is the area that we're staying at anyway, that's all that we got I'm gonna wait for my pizza to come I might do a little chit chat with you while the pizza is here I, don't know yet, but um, until then, um, if there is more footage, there'll be more.

If there isn't there, there won't be, but um, don't, forget to remain positive projected and Progressive, keep manifesting those dreams because they will come true and um, oh one thing that had happened when Daniel and I was driving.


We were on the freeway and then I, literally see this car just zooming toward me like barreling.

So I was like okay, I'll get into the next Lane.

So I, I, try I put on my signal go to the next Lane.

But then he literally zoomed into the next Lane and like almost hit me so I and I saw that so I went back into my lane, but I started to swivel went into the next Lane.

There was a huge semi there.

It was just, oh my God.

It was disaster disaster.

But I mean, we were fine.

Everything was good I'm.

A great driver Daniel has a good car.

So we're safe.

Thank God.


Be thy name.

Thy kingdom.

Come thy will be done.


Thank you Jesus that, uh, everything was fine.

And we were safe.

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