Soundcore Space One review: Superb budget-friendly ANC headphones (2024)

The Soundcore Space One is a solid choice for anyone looking for ANC over-ears without breaking the bank

byShahrain K M

Soundcore Space One review: Superb budget-friendly ANC headphones (1)

Soundcore Space One review

Bottom Line

The Soundcore Space One is the most well-rounded pair of headphones you can get for under $100


Good value for ANC over-ear headphones

Very long 40-55 hour battery with a 5-minute fast charge

Comfortable fit

Bluetooth 5.3

Includes headphone cable for wired listening

Collapsible design


Fit isn't tight enough for the gym or head-tilting

The wear sensor is sometimes inconsistent

The microphone is subpar

Turning on/off requires too long of a button press

No IPX rating


The Anker Soundcore Space One headphones offer a tempting value proposition for anyone seeking active noise cancellation (ANC) without breaking the bank. At just $99, they don’t compete with premium offerings from Sony or Bose, but they hold their own surprisingly well.

In this deep dive Soundcore Space One review, we look at everything these wireless headphones have to offer.

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Anker Soundcore Space One headphones: Design

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Design-wise, the Space One is a comfort champion. The large ear cups and relaxed fit make them ideal for long listening sessions, though the loose grip might not be suitable for exercise or lying down.

There’s no IP rating, making them less ideal for exercise, though they should be able to handle some sweat. The sleek aesthetic is marred slightly by the plasticky feel, but they present a decent package overall. We appreciate the collapsable design and the included soft case.

Soundcore Space One: ANC performance

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The ANC performance falls into the “good, not great” category. While it won’t magically transport you to a silent oasis, it effectively tackles consistent ambient sounds like plane engines or office chatter.

Don’t expect it to compete with top-tier ANC, but it’s a clean and welcome feature for the price. There’s a transparency mode, which we don’t use, but you can conveniently palm the right ear cup to turn it on temporarily.

Soundcore Space One: Controls

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The controls on the Space One are a mixed bag. The physical buttons are a welcome break from touch-sensitive panels, and the volume rocker doubles as a track skipper with a press-and-hold. However, the on/off button requires a longer-than-expected press at nearly 5 seconds, leading to frequent confusion.

The headphones have a wear-sensor for autoplay and pause, but it doesn’t always work as expected. There’s a basic headphone cable included for listening to a wired connection.

Wired listening doesn’t require battery power, but you can still use it with ANC. The built-in controls won’t work with the wired connection.

Soundcore Space One: Battery life

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The Space One headphones don’t disappoint when it comes to stamina. With ANC enabled, they boast a marathon-worthy battery life of up to 40 hours and an even more impressive 55 hours when you turn off the ANC: this means you can enjoy days of listening without worrying about frequent recharges.

Even if you run low, a quick 5-minute charge gets you up to 4 hours of playback, ideal for those last-minute listening needs.

Soundcore Space One: Sound quality and microphone

Sound quality is another area where the Space One delivers value over pure sonic brilliance. While it won’t win awards, the overall audio profile is pleasing, and the custom EQ allows you to tailor the sound to your preferences. For everyday listening at this price point, it’s pretty enjoyable to listen to.

The microphone quality falls into the “good enough” territory. Voices are clear and isolated, with background noise kept at bay. However, voices are slightly muffled and not as clear as they could be. It’s fine for phone calls, but we’d easily choose the laptop microphone for a Zoom call.

Anker Soundcore Space One review: Final thoughts

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Overall, the Soundcore Space One is a solid choice for anyone looking for ANC over-ears without breaking the bank. They won’t compete with the audiophile crowd or silence the world entirely. Still, they offer surprisingly good value for their price tag.

The headphones are also rich in features like multi-point connections, custom EQ and audio profiles, an auto-wear sensor, a transparency mode with speak-to-chat, a very long battery, and more.

Our biggest gripe is the headphones falling off our heads while laying flat, like bench pressing or doing sit-ups. If you’re looking for a comfortable, affordable entry point into the ANC world, the Space One is definitely worth a spin. They’re currently available for $99.99 from Amazon in black, blue, or white.

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Soundcore Space One headphones


The Soundcore Space One headphones are comfortable, sound good (especially with custom EQ), have nice ANC, and even offer comfort features like auto-play sensors and multi-point connections.

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Soundcore Space One review: Superb budget-friendly ANC headphones (2024)


Soundcore Space One review: Superb budget-friendly ANC headphones? ›

Anker Soundcore Space One Specs

Are the Soundcore space one worth it? ›

If you have $100 to spend, you can't go wrong with the Anker Soundcore Space One. These headphones are packed with features, giving you customization over the sound quality, ANC, and controls. If the design and feature set pique your interest, don't hesitate to grab the Space One. Luxury features at a budget price.

Is ANC headphones worth buying? ›

It depends on why you want them. If you want the best sounding headphones for your money then no they are not worth it. You are paying a high premium for the noise cancelling tech in them, at the expense of the quality of the headphone itself.

Which is better Soundcore Q35 vs Space One? ›

Our Verdict. The Anker Soundcore Life Q35 Wireless are better over-ears than the Anker Soundcore Space One Wireless. The Life Q35 are more comfortable, come with a hard carrying case, making them feel more durable on the go than the Space One's cloth pouch, and have a better overall noise isolation performance.

What is the difference between Soundcore space one and Q30? ›

While both headphones share similarities like LDAC support, the Life Q30 are more comfortable, come with a sturdy carrying case to help protect them from damage on the go, and have a significantly better noise isolation performance. However, the Space One are better built.

Is soundcore better than AirPods? ›

The Anker SoundCore Liberty Air 2 Truly Wireless are better true wireless headphones than the Apple AirPods (2nd generation) Truly Wireless. Although the Apple feel better made, the Anker have a noticeably more neutral sound profile, and they pack a lot more accurate bass thanks to their closed-back design.

Is soundcore owned by Amazon? ›

soundcore is part of the Anker Innovations' family of consumer brands. For more information, please visit Anker Innovations is a global leader in mobile charging and a developer of unique consumer products that support premium audio, mobile entertainment, and the emerging smart home space.

What are the disadvantages of ANC headphones? ›

Noise cancellation's ability to eliminate ambient sound can also reduce your awareness of your surrounding environment, which could become an issue if you're biking through traffic or in other situations where sound cues keep you safe.

Which brand has the best ANC? ›

All Reviews
ProductRelease YearWireless Gaming
Sony INZONE H9 Wireless20227.2
Nothing Ear (2) Truly Wireless20235.9
Bose QuietComfort 45/QC45 Wireless20216.2
Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless20205.8
7 more rows
Mar 28, 2024

Is ANC good or bad for your ears? ›

Active noise-canceling headphones protect your hearing to some degree because, with the blocking of ambient outside noise, you don't have to listen to your music as loud. But that doesn't mean you can't still damage your hearing with noise-canceling headphones.

Is Soundcore a Chinese company? ›

Founded in 2011, Anker Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the largest global consumer electronics brand companies in China by revenue, focusing on the design, R&D and sales of smart accessories and smart hardware.

Which is better Soundcore Space One or Q45? ›

Our Verdict. The Anker Soundcore Space Q45 Wireless are better headphones than the Anker Soundcore Space One Wireless. While both headphones look similar, the Q45 are more comfortable, have a hard carrying case to protect them on the go, and have a superior noise isolation performance.

Why is Soundcore so good? ›

The ambient noise are better on these. The noise cancelation is just as good if not better on these. These alos fit in my ears better and are possibly even more comfortable. There is absolutely no reason to get premium buds when something like these exist for only 70$.

Does soundcore have good sound quality? ›

Soundcore by Anker Motion 300

The Soundcore Motion 300 is Anker's answer to that Bose speaker. Around the same size as the Bose, it doesn't sound quite as good, but it sounds impressive for its compact size and costs only $80.

Is soundcore a good brand of headphones? ›

Overall, they're an excellent value and well worth your attention if you're on a budget. If you want more accurate sound out of the box, Audio-Technica's $79.99 ATH-M20xBT headphones are a fine alternative, though they lack noise cancellation and higher-end codec options.

Is soundcore actually good? ›

Sound quality, especially for its size and price, is surprisingly good. The Anker Soundcore doesn't just play music; it fills your shower with rich, clear sound that can rival more expensive models. It's like having a mini-concert in your bathroom.

Is soundcore AirPods good? ›

These are definitely a contender for some of the best affordable noise canceling earbuds based on performance and value. With an IPX4 rating, long battery life, and good ANC, these are worth a go. You might not want to go for a run with them, but otherwise they're decent.

Are soundcore headsets good? ›

They offer better active noise cancellation (ANC) than we expect for the price, and their sculpted audio impresses thanks to the adjustable EQ and support for the hi-res LDAC codec. Overall, they're an excellent value and well worth your attention if you're on a budget.

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