Filmed live at the Alliant Energy Powerhouse from the ACO Cedar Rapids Major, Iowa, it's the ACO Juniors Division Championship. Fourth seed Sammy Vansickle is looking for his first purple jersey and Major championship but faces fan favorite and number one seed Sebastian "Little Fro" Barger. Cornhole is a game where anyone can win on any given day so nothing is ever easy or set in stone when it comes to winning a Major championship and the coveted purple jersey.

If you are in the Cedar Rapids area then you have to check out the Alliant Energy PowerHouse. Located in the heart of downtown Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the Alliant Energy PowerHouse - originally known as the Five Seasons Center - brings "the best of live entertainment to Cedar Rapids", including nationally-touring concerts, family shows, sporting events, and more!

There are two main types of jerseys players are competing for that can only be earned, the purple jersey for winning a Major and the yellow jersey for finishing the season in the top 40 players in the world, or as we affectionately call it the Corny 40. This year there is more than just a trip to the World Championships on the line as Corny 40 members qualify for special tournaments such as the GO THE DISTANCE FESTIVAL at the FIELD OF DREAMS MOVIE SITE in August.

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I know, you're on the road baby.

So, well, there may be heavy thunder outside phillip, but there's going to be big thunder here on center court in cedar rapids iowa.

Welcome to the aco cedar rapids major.

I am finn the loudmouth for the aco side by side with my man, the mississippi ninja.

Philip, barnett, yes, I'll, tell you what between uh train whistles and thunder rocked us right out of bed this morning right down here into the main ballroom.

And this is going to be quite a match right here to start the day.

Absolutely we got the juniors firing away right here on facebook for us.

And I can't, wait my pick by the way sebastian bartram, you don't have to wait.

They've already started that's, right so good for them.

Sandy van sickle at age, 14, yeah, stepping up against sebastian little fro, whose fro got a little littler.

Yeah, actually, since last I saw him, uh, stepping up.


Piling them up is sammy to the right side of the board and sebastian didn't take advantage of that right there.

But these guys, uh, these guys, both really good players.

How about that that was a really nice that's, a two-point saver, right? There, nice, save, but uh, we'll talk, a little bit about these guys individually as we watch the tournament throughout the course of the day, whether it's going to be the juniors little later, the women's final right here on center court, also the seniors.

And then tonight we'll be on the stadium sports network starting at seven o'clock, central so look forward to having that action.

A lot of co-ed action.

I believe, yeah, I'm, looking forward to it.

We don't get to co-ed a whole lot, but we're going to get some tonight.

Yeah, but we have.

Uh, we have switched things up just a little bit to try to bring you different action and different players and different things that you haven't gotten to see maybe in previous broadcasts, but uh, the american cornhole organization thrilled to be in cedar rapids.

This is our first trip here.

And we had great response, a lot of great players from 17 plus states coming in there's, a low hard bag right there from sebastian, but didn't drop in the way he had hoped.

And so uh, sammy's just gonna lay low and uh whole time.

You know, uh, what sammy coming here, throwing the old school rental reynolds back.

They have the aco logo in the corner.

Oh yeah, I mean, they're collectors in a cage for sure I got two sets of those sitting in my trunk of my car.

I may or may not know where to get a few others, it's, a nice first bag from sebastian put it right where he wants.

It stacking him up a little bit to the right.

It seems sami's been pushing a little right from that side left to right, but that's a nice one, right? There I'll, tell you I watched, uh, I did get the chance to watch some of the juniors when it once they started over in the in the bracket, the early part of the bracket and sebastian barter.

And dennis stephenson had an amazing game and spencer and deb stevenson had an amazing game.

So, well, I know right there on your on center court is your pick to win, uh, win the juniors.

Now, who did you pick to win? The whole thing? It was, uh.

It was a little bit of a wild card wasn't it.

You filmed with the women, no the whole.

The whole singles turned out for the weekend.

Singles was it? Brian, no, I picked uh or dj, dj, yeah, you did dj took down dodge city.

Yeah, he did who who I picked by the way.

Yeah, we'll only focus on the ones you got right that won't take as much lives.

So that'll save us some time.

I really shouted done in the women's today, but that's.

Okay, that's.

All right.

You got some uh, some names, uh, over the past handful of majors that have been right there at the top and sammy it's funny.

We were talking to him before everything got started and uh, nice.

You know, as we talked about all the different questions.

We asked a lot of these players, you know, he's, like I don't know, I don't know, I don't know, we're like well, just something oh that's, a nice bag.

How about that really a little bit of a? I don't even know what that shot's called it's like a gather together? Yeah, let it roll let's.

Go swimming, you know, uh, sammy informed us when we talked to him earlier that he had already won a major this year.

And I was not aware of that and that's.

My fault.

I should have been.

He won the wisconsin man.

He was in wisconsin, yeah, I think that's probably his top.

His top ac memory to be sure I would think, but his dad got him involved in his favorite aco player.

No surprise, there is the king of cornhole, the reigning king fergie, who is a lot of players? Favorite, yeah, the king we'll be here.

This weekend, too by the way I can't, wait to see fergie.

Yep, we've already got uh, the cardboard laid down for some break dancing for the king.

So, uh, he should be good to go dance off between him and spencer.


Dad, yeah, there you go.

I might put you in that too finn.

Yeah, I'll get in there.

Uh, I got this, uh, break, dancing move that I call breaking a hip dancing.

All right.

So these guys continue to fire out one.

Another sebastian six to nothing six nothing up on top of the uh, the goose egg, but they're playing, it seems pretty tight, but there's, just one or two one or two bags here.

And there that sammy's got to get under control to to hold his own.

But he doesn't look all that, uh, what's the word stressed about it.

You know, sammy with a chance to pick up two right there, though those two points can come back to haunt.

You later in the round typically do you've heard me talk about that a number of times here.

Yep, sammy comes in as the fourth seed.

Sebastian is the number one seed in the juniors just kind of feeling each other out a little bit here.

He's got a nice, a nice kind of 30 degree angle spin on that bag, just a little bit good rotation.

And what you hear in the background too is the continuing uh announcements for all this.

It is a little bit loud today going on well.

And I would tell you though you know what at first I was like, well, we don't want to have all of that over top of us.

But if nothing else it shows you exactly what's going on is constant motion, constant gaming and constant fun.

We gotta as you mentioned earlier, a really good crowd here around center court for this early final.

I mean, they really gathered around to watch this.

One that's, that's, good to see too.

Well, you see a lot of purple jerseys champions standing across the way eyeballing this as long as I don't see that daggum johnny thomas standing over there, I'm, okay, well, you probably won't because he's continuing to play and you're sitting next to me.

So if that tells you anything, yeah, you won't have to see him until he's back out here on center court.

Thanks a lot.

Thanks a lot.

Here's, a nice slick bag and he's coming right up the middle.

Oh boy.

He didn't.

He didn't get it there's.

I've seen that look on his face, a couple of times his hands on his hips right now thinking.

What did I? What did I miss? I was coming low hard, oh boy, that's gonna be four for sebastian.

Yeah, that's gonna that's gonna cost him.

I think he had an opportunity, even if he took sebastian's bag in there to get both of those and possibly follow it in and get three in the hole, but shoulda woulda coulda.

And now we're, looking at ten nothing, you know, a lot of times when the score gets that lopsided early it, sometimes you can probably pinned it on a little bit of nerves and maybe sammy's got a little nerves going on with that and goes off the back.


He missed that opportunity that sebastian left for him, right? There, he's going to go low.

Now, yeah.

And the junipers are going to be happy to know that sebastian's probably only got about two more majors, right and uh world as a junior.

So he will be moving on to the seniors division next year and he's a guy that if you think about it, only a year ago, really came over the scene as a powerhouse force.

And when we were in branson, missouri that's, a nice bag, right there get around back, but uh, coming on the scene during the pro series last year in branson and that's when the name, oh right off the back there's, an opportunity right there.

Man, this is an eight-point opportunity to put him right back in the game is he gonna be able to come in low and hard enough to push it? Oh boy, I know he would love to have hit that a little bit lower and had more of a push than that.

But I think his rollback unexpectedly shut up against himself.

But you know what I'm sure he'll take that five spot he'll take that all day long and move on maybe that'll, shake some of the nerves and kinks.

He had going in on center court.

But we talked about sebastian last year in the pro series.

If you recall, we told this story every single time, but it's funny, he qualified out of the branson missouri major to get into the shoot for the pro series championship.

He didn't even know he had qualified.

And then he came out and took down austin, cameron and a handful of others and uh, in fact, I think he had to borrow a jersey to get on center court for that show and he's, uh, not borrowing jerseys.

These days, no he's got a collection he's lending him out and well I'll tell you, you know that people have got their eye on you when you look around center court here, and you see the businessman randall garrison.

I just saw t-bone, terry dawson.

He was standing there kind of eyeballing, uh, who he may have to be congratulations firing off against later in the singles.

Craig irving.

Yeah, these are all names that you've probably undoubtedly heard mostly here on center court.

Over the course of the season, whether it be on stadium or here, streaming on the aco digital network.

Sebastian picked up some more points last round.

I tried the little roll there, and it rolled off to the left 13, you'd come in and push and replace and was going to push and replace unfortunately for him, but with a little more oomph behind that one, oh and there's, a get around that's.

My favorite shot, you know, what's so funny all I hear is mike loves voice.

Every time you say get around.

I just want to run around get it around around.

I got around you.



Sebastian is playing really well.

He his dad told me out there earlier.

He wasn't playing good.

The the match I saw him playing.


He was pretty good in his dance away, not throwing very good so and that and that's where you.

And I, I mean, you as an aco pro, you know, when you're throwing well, when you're not when I look at them and they're playing that, well, and they say, they're, not throwing well, it makes me want to strangle them.

Yeah, because for me, their worst game would be easily my best game.

You know, you talk about sebastian getting out of there.

First time sebastian put in the work to get there it's, not he didn't just show up in branson, no, no and say, boom.

He put in the work.

You see what he tells you.

He practices several days and look at that that's a dagger that's, a beauty right there.

But he he put in the work as daddy built him.

His cornhole palace, isn't going to shoot it he's going to come no he's going to try to block it.

And that is a perfect block.


But honestly he should be able to push this all the way through there's.

Nothing stacked up below.

He should nicely done.

Well, done sammy man.

That was a point saver, right there? Right there, too shelburne, indiana's, sammy, van sickle.

It was his, uh, his dad travis who got him into the game and fan of the kansas city.

Chiefs loves himself, a good glass of cold iced tea.

He does and he's got a girlfriend too.

He told me his name, caitlin, caitlin.

Hello, caitlin.

If you're watching your man here on center stage.

Yep, I asked him was that caitlyn hamm? He said, absolutely not.

Well, you couldn't go wrong with that.

Now, all right so 17.5 we're, looking at the blue, uh, higher seed lane with wow, sebastian barger.

Now that bag it might fall back in.

It could pull the what I call the scuba shot off of that one.

The best thing thinking about it.

He takes a little time when he's he's going to come in low to the right.

Oh, I just did him a favor, but I think he's not taking that one out of play.

I think it's pinned.

It off the back side of the hole.

Oh, well, wait, at least he took some backs off the back there, but sebastian's got one under one on and one off.

Yeah, they'll come in around that.

Oh, how about the double am? One double? How about the antennae that was a beautiful shot that's? That is something else right? There.

It's, 7-0-1, right now, he's got the six points if he just throws on the board, the game he's gonna have four you gotta seven on one so it's, a sixth net, get it in? Yeah.

They come on.

You put them both in here.

Yeah, you keep going keep pulling put another one in there and stay alive.

Put them.

Well that was a fantastic.

I've never seen this.

Have you ever seen this? Yeah, I've seen it, but it's been very rare.

Oh so close.

Oh, my goodness so close to uh, the salvage right there what what a great shot, but I've not seen an.

And I mean, no, very rare it's, kind of like the triple play.

So you just saw it well that one will have to be somewhere on a highlight.


I feel certain that was a great shot.

It was and sebastian picked up three.

He didn't.

He meant that ever that 20, no we're, not counting anybody out.

I don't know, and I think that's what sammy's been trying to do the whole time is blocked.

And oh, look at that little roll.

Now he's just gonna have to push it through and clean it up.

Yeah, there's, no room for air that's for sure, the whole way there's a little bit of a favor down there by sebastian he's got a little wiggle room.

There, he's got plenty 15 points to play with now.

At this point, I think sammy probably should have went through though, yeah, really so make sure he gets one point clear that up and get something.

Yeah, yeah.

You got to start picking away and take any penny that you can get.

Yeah, sebastian steps out far right comes in hot.

And he drops two and takes one as sammy's with him.


Now, sammy has to go in and pull the other one to keep the game going again, yeah, he's going slick side.

He's got the grip got the rip that's going.

Yeah, be it all right? Well, congratulations, sebastian barger.

How about that? Perigold arkansas he's just about? Thankfully, I think for the other for the other juniors about ready as you mentioned himself, nicely, done he's going to grab another purple jersey.

Well done sebastian.


Now now travis, you've got nothing to be, uh ashamed of there or no I'm talking about with your point.

He really he really came out there and thought it through.


So we'll, uh, we'll, add another, purple jersey to his to his collection and then we're calling, uh, other matches over here to center court they're going to get a photo here with the cornhole.

Dude, yeah, frank gears.

All right.

What we'll do is we'll.

Take a quick break we'll get back to it here on the aco digital network finn, the loudmouth for the aco next to the mississippi ninja, phillip, barnett looking forward to bringing you more action here from the alliant powerhouse and cedar rapids for the aco major right here on the aco digital network.

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