INCREDIBLE CARS!!! Custom Hot Rods! Muscle Cars, Brooklyn Park Minnesota. Classic Car Show! (2023)


This footage was taken at the 19th annual TSI/Smith Nielsen Automotive Service Car Show. In Brooklyn Park Minnesota. 2021. Classic Car Show 2021.

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Good how's it going everybody.

Matt from massred show here I've come to smith nielsen automotive services.

They put on a car show every year.

I think and uh, I've come to it this year.

It's a big it's, actually a really big car show.

So we're gonna see a lot of cars today I'm excited for this one so let's get in there and let's start seeing some cars.

Thanks for clicking on this episode guys.

And I hope you enjoy this car show, oh, beautiful, 1970, chevy camaro, rally sport, nice, 1950, chevy, two-door.

I love the hoods of the front.

Windshield your cars used to have like a built-in visor.

I love it.

There are a ton of cars here today.

This is awesome.

It's gonna be fun here.

It is the 1963, corvette stingray split window coupe.

One of my absolute favorite cars, of course, the 63 the only year they had the split window and the corvette.

The first year they came out with this model type too the new body style.

So nice paint job's, pretty fantastic too.

Of course, it's got like a gold flake in it just a hint of flames coming off of it.

This thing looks like it's on fire it's, uh, back to the 50s, 2019 painless, top 100., nice.

We got a 32 ford here next to a 55 chevy, any you fans of american graffiti out there let's see if we get a drag race out of these two here later, 1932, ford, model, b, reminiscent of american graffiti, of course, not exactly like john milner's.

But so beautiful, 1955, chevy, the orange and white interior.

There are a ton of cars here today.

This is awesome.

It's, a 1959, chevy, impala, gorgeous, car.

Look at this, some more of those wings that I like in the old 59 chevys, oh, look at this interior with the red, continuing onto the dashboard and the steering wheel and then a blue and white interior.

This is so sharp and the red kind of coming back in at the back there again, wow, here's.

Another chevy, impala.

But this is a 63.

So four years later is what they look like still pretty bad.

But bad.

I mean, good, of course, yeah, this is a bad.

Boy here, that's, right.


Ford, victoria get some old chrysler hudson over here, got a 1939 pontiac here, an ambulance, pretty cool a lot of room here.

It looks like they kind of turn it into just a limo.

And we've got a little little drawer set there nice, it's, a big car.

1962, westfield site.

I believe these cars came from england.

I've never seen one though pretty unique I'll.

Notice, the united kingdom sticker there 1958, chevy, impala, right, yeah, you you own one of his cars or or you said, 1956, chevy, mint condition.

Man, I've always loved the hood ornaments on these old chevys.

1964, buick riviera, just begging me to peek under the hood here.

Look at the riviera logo and the tail lights.

You guys, 1970, dodge coronet, super b.

One of my favorite cars.

Look at this thing.

1970, dodge coronet, super b, with a 440.

gotta film, a yellow car for ashley since ashley and wally.


Come today.

This is a good one, 2019 corvette.

This is the last year they've had the this model before they went to the c8.

I think a little stingray logo.

There emblem 1961, corvette love that color got a 1968 roadrunner here.

Next to a 68, super bee.

Okay, walk down the middle.

These two beauties here, my goodness, oh it's, a nice wide open shot of a good 440.

Look at this bad.

Boy, 1969, pontiac, firebird.

1964, pontiac, bonneville foot, deep garage, oh good.

They can put it in there, and they can walk around the right side.

1964, dodge dart.

Man, this is a bigger show than I thought I've been on to my like third or fourth parking lot here, cars everywhere, here's, a cute little girl, 1955, dash, all dolled up for today.

Super cute 1973, oldsmobile cutlass, oh, this girl's, looking good.

But I just just don't love, uh, cutlasses that much, at least I don't.

So no, I don't have one, but here's, the 1977, pontiac can-am again.

I filmed this one at uh car show a few weeks ago, beautiful car, nice mercury, cougar here, fire extinguisher.

There just in case, the 1957 studebaker, look at the wings on the back of this guy.

I love it.

1971 el camino, nice, 55 chevy here.

1973, chevy monte carlo 1956.

Packard executive.

This is a beautiful car.

I've not seen a packard at these car shows yet in this year I've been looking for one so excited.

I did a video about one of these in a junkyard.

You should check that video I'll link it at the end that's, what they look like there's a bunch of information about it in that video, but here's a brand new one.

It looks like, I mean, it looks brand new really.

So this is very rare.

Incredible got the ultramatic transmission there, oh, my gosh, that's, wild, that's really cool he's going to do this there's a delay.

This takes about a minute.

Okay, it's got the torsion bars on it.

Here you you'll.

See there you go, oh, you hear it kicking in and just pushed it back up.


And then in a second it'll level itself out again, well, okay, but it's interesting.

So the front drops or raises, depending on what's going on with the uh, the leveling system, okay? And the motor in it is about, I don't know, it's probably about that big, really just for the torsion bars.

Yeah, it's located, right underneath the driver's, uh seat.

Well and on the other side of the car.

So it's.

Okay, yeah.

I won't settle down.

Now of a course of events.

I mean, it's, one of the nicest, riding cars you'll ever be in.

Oh bad.

I don't bad it's, kind of like riding on a sofa, that's, a good way to describe it a bit any minute now playing with torsion bars, but it's kind of interesting when you're in the garage, yeah, you know, you just might be, you know, working on something else I'll assume the car will adjust itself it'll just kind of be like, you know, I think I'm going to adjust myself a little bit here.

We actually had a situation where the shock broke.

And we drove it home without shocks on the back.

Okay and there's.

No bounce to it really.


Normally you'd think you'd be bouncing all around, uh, there we go there.

It goes this car so cool to see one of these this close 1956 packard executive.

This is my favorite car of the show as a 1956.

So would have been the last year that these rolled off the detroit assembly line for packard before they moved the plant.

Not very many of these made got a passenger in the old trunk, uh, not quite a rumbler seat.

I suppose it could be well 34 chevy here, oh, beautiful, charger, driving by 1953.

Chevy, bel-air, nice, thunderbird, driving by here, nice old ford deluxe here I feel like I've seen this little ford pickup, cruising around crewn rapids before there goes the thunderbird.

It looks like yeah, a little bit of everything here today little dots in here.

Hello, nice.

Chop 37-4 here.

1936 pontiac, two-door.

Sedan, 1969, pontiac, firebird, 1976, chevy, corvette, love it around a little bit there's, quite a few cars that get together down at el toro.

How is it? Oh anyway, they might feel no no worries that's.

Impressive, uh, bring it's.


1951 chevy, pickup 1979, dodge a little red express truck.

I love the wood built right into the side of the truck here down the side of the bed here's, the 48 buick road master again, filming this in buffalo.

Last weekend made the title shot of that video, such a nice car.

Gorgeous, nice, 57, chevy wagon here, 1932, roadster 1965, shelby cobra.

I was just talking the owner, beautiful car foreign.

But from the front good-looking jeep here with the bird on the got the old smokey and the bandit themed paint job going on here.

I love it.

Look at this that's, really cool.

It's all smoky in the bandit themed paint job running up and down it's got the bandit outlaw edition.

Number six, that is cool.

Okay? So all right guys? Well, that's about all the time I have for today.

So I need to be traveling on down the road.

Thank you for watching this episode, please like subscribe share the video a lot of cool cars today in this episode guys.

So that was that was a lot of fun.

Thanks for watching the video with me and we'll catch you on the next one all right guys, check you later, foreign.


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Dec 14, 2022

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1920s to 1945

The first hot rods were old cars (most often Fords, typically 1910s-1920s Model Ts, 1928–31 Model As, or 1932-34 Model Bs), modified to reduce weight.

What is the top speed of hot rod racing? ›

All vehicles run on a course with a 1/2 mile run up, followed by a time flying 1/16th of a mile, which is where these antique hot rods can hit speeds in excess of 120 mph.

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The first Hot Wheels toy car offered was the Custom Camaro®, sold on May 18, 1968 – Hot Wheels' official “birthday. “

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Ford Model A: The very first hot rods were built from old 1920s-30s cars, and the most commonly seen were Ford Model Ts, Model As and Model Bs.

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Generally speaking, they had parts chopped off, sometimes the frame and axles are visible, to reduce weight. Their engines are modified from stock and they're said to have been “hot-rodded”. Muscle cars are factory available cars that anyone could buy that have beefier engines/trans combos.

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The 1969 Dodge Charger is at the top of classic car enthusiasts' wish lists, often fetching more than six figures at auctions. The classic muscle car has a sleek, curvy body and classic design. The “Coke-bottle” style, the front grill, and the hidden headlights all suggest sophistication and power.

How much should you spend on a classic car? ›

Classic cars come in all prices and conditions. You can pick up a near-mint condition Model T for around $10,000-$15,000. You can't even find a project Porsche in that price range. As a broad rule, more money spent upfront will save you gobs of money throughout the life of the car.

What year makes a car a classic? ›

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There are no awards for guessing which superhero car is the fastest of the bunch. The Flash is an iconic hero who needs no introduction, with his speed being his biggest asset. So, it goes without saying that the car based on this hero in Unleashed is also extremely fast in its own right.

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What can ruin a classic car?
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  2. Not driving a classic car. You've spent all this time and money, so go enjoy your ride! ...
  3. Improper storage of a classic car. ...
  4. Inconsistent maintenance of a classic car.

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What decreases the value of a classic car? If your classic car was modified to your unique preferences and these alterations stray from the original specs, then this will lower the value of your classic car. You'll see a higher value if your car is fully restored, versus partially restored.

Are classic cars a risky investment? ›

Classic cars are valued because they're rare or one of a kind. Costs like restoration, maintenance, storage, and insurance are high. Speculating on which cars will become collectible is risky. Classic cars are vulnerable to systemic risks.

Does changing the color of a classic car affect value? ›

If a classic car has been kept in great condition and it has no rust spots, chips, sun damage, or other issues, changing the paint from its original colour can reduce the car's value.

Are classic cars cheaper to insure? ›

Classic car insurance is usually much cheaper than regular car insurance. According to Baily Insurance Agency, a classic car policy costs around $200 to $600 annually. If you own an abnormally expensive vehicle, your rates may be higher. In contrast, regular car insurance usually costs over $1000 per year.

What affects car value the most? ›

Special Considerations When Valuing a Used Car

Many factors figure into the value of a used car, but mileage and condition are the most important. After that, options, location, and color are influencing factors.

What is the worlds most famous drift car? ›

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What old car is known for catching on fire? ›

Famous for Catching Fire: Pontiac Fiero | Pontiac fiero, Pontiac, Pontiac firebird.

What is the best donor car for a rat rod? ›

To help keep costs down but still allow you to enjoy the rat rod, most builders will go with a Ford 302 or Chevy 350. Since the engine doesn't need to fit perfectly under the hood, you can customize the build to fit the engine.

What was the golden age of the hot rod? ›

The Golden Age of the Hot Rod was also the pinnacle of the Ford flathead's desirability. The aftermarket was closely focused on the V-8, especially its 24-stud variants from 1939 to '48 Ford and Mercury cars. Many newer cars, like 1936 and '40 Ford coupes, received speed parts as well.

What is the most iconic car of all time? ›

Ford Model T

It's impossible to formulate a list of the most iconic cars in history without starting off with the Model T. Henry Ford's creation went beyond transforming the nascent automotive industry: It also had an indelible effect on American society.

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For the first time ever, an all-electric vehicle — specifically the Tesla Model Y — is now the world's bestselling car. According to analyst data from Jato Dynamics (published by Motor1), the Tesla Model Y has surpassed Toyota's RAV4 and Corolla models to top global sales rankings in the first quarter of 2023.

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Chevrolet came out on top as the most popular car manufacturer in the industry, with 1,176 total cars in music videos and the Camaro making the most appearances.

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America's best-selling vehicle is the Ford F-150. The F-Series truck has won the U.S. sales crown annually for over four decades.

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Model Y sales have been growing around the world for the last few years, putting the car on the trajectory to become the world's best-selling vehicle. The feat was first predicted even before the car came to market, as Tesla thought the car could see up to a million units of demand per year.

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