Grand Rapids 2022 Quilt Show (2023)


I take on a tour of hundreds of quilts at the Grand Rapids AQS 2022 Quilt show. There are many features of the show including a Princess Diana Challenge and a few others.
Many thanks to Epidemic Sound, Hancy Creations, Cherrywood Fabrics, the National Quilt Museum and the American Quilters Society.


So there are over 400 quilts here that you're about ready to see now, I'm sure that I missed a few when I was photographing them, I had to do it, uh before the show opened.

So I had about 15 to 20 minutes, and I simply ran out of time, but I got most of them right.

So take a look at these.

If these do not inspire you, I don't know, what will each represents a portion of a person's life? Because look at them, they take forever to make they are masterpieces, but uh, not only do they represent the country, and of course, michigan, but the entire world.

These quotes come from all over the place.

If you've seen the daytona show, you may recognize some of these because uh, aqs is a traveling quilt show.

So anyway, there are some local ones here too.

And of course, I have my favorites.

How can you not pick one out right? So I'll put my winner at the end of the video.

Just remember, I am not a professional judge what I like is going to be different from what you like enjoy up there.

Our quilts stop you in your tracks.

They're often jaw-dropping three-dimensional made with buttons silk.

Wool beads, whatever they want they're a painting made of thread and fabric.

Now I understand it takes talent and effort to design a quilt, but it's the crafting and sewing that impresses me the most like art, quilts and stitch quilts represented time in the creator's life, perhaps they sat in a chair listened to a book, or maybe they were out on their porch on sunny mornings or late afternoons or evenings being interrupted by kids or grandkids.

Each stitch was thought of planned for they designed the quilt stitched, the quilt with their fingers.

But it all started from the passion in their heart, more than likely.

They've made it specifically with someone in mind offering this person a time of their life, a gift of their love and inspiration part of that makes way across the field.

Let me take a break.

Let me be a part of something sometimes we could all use a friend don't.

Let your fears is, oh so don't.

Let your fears, hey, be, hey.

So, so, so, so this I am in such awe of the work.

I see at these shows I understand that the experienced quilters look at the details of the work, the design and construction.

But to me, I see, the inspiration that the masterpiece is display.

I don't have enough time on this earth to become an expert quilter.

Frankly, it will take me a few years just to call myself a beginner.

We all choose how.

We spend our time what.

We want to be good at practice on.

And so on, I have a friend that started a program to support whistleblowers by knitting them.

Sweaters she calls the program snitches and stitches seriously I have another friend who spends her free time, trying to get legislators to support craft stores.

She's a hobby lobby.

Hobbyist lobbyist all right so seriously, we can all learn to do new things, but to focus our time, a lot of our time on one craft be it.

Painting, writing medicine, music or quilting to be good at it.

One must put in the time and you can't do that without the passion, the art or the endeavor.

Wow, hi little different than all the rest and quite a fashion where I had sometimes played chess.

And when I'm out I'm looking for that vintage flame that I adore so hard to finally seem impossible to score.

So I dream of I kept on looking but everyone's, such a bored.

You came through the door at the next table.

Your whisking knees, the lights were tamed as our eyes met is candy.

And I kept on looking but everyone's, such a boy.

You saw me and forevermore we're living in that vintage stream foreign.

So following the popular cherrywood challenge of bob ross.


Diana was chosen for the 2020.

2021 cherrywood challenge over 200 finalists were announced, but alexis delbridge was awarded first place.

The goal for the challenge was to create a quilt from the four colors of cherrywood fabric to celebrate princess.

Diana, the quilts must use the same colors, the same 20 by 20 inch size and theme.

Accent colors were allowed.

However, the quilt could use any technique or any embellishment.

The contest was open to everyone while the winner's quilt was certainly amazing.

I like the 5th place winner here by teresa, stoller, this is special to me because theresa captured the strength in diana's eyes.

But also the compassion she had congratulations to all that entered because you made this event memorable as part of the 2022 aqs show so do do do do do do do do so so buddy do do do do buddy button in 1980, a special honor was created by certified judges for clothes that surpass the highest expectations for development of design and exemplary workmanship.

These judges travel from quilt show to quilt show large and small looking for quilts that could be evaluated as possible masterpieces.

There are only a few absolute requirements for a quilt to be nominated for an evaluation here's, a few the quilt must be at least 25 square feet in size.

The quilt must have been completed within the five previous years.

Quilt maker must still be living when considering a nomination.

A judge is not looking for perfection they're, looking for a quilt that will stand the test of time.

The colors can be subtle or high in contrast designs can be elegant traditional charming or whimsical winning quilts are often very detailed have a lot of contrast and originality.

These quilts often take much more time to look at.

They are to be admired since 1980, 34 quilts have been designated masterpieces.

They show us inspiration.

Creativity, patience and passion.

Do you want your quilt to be a masterpiece just pay a small fee to the judges who will evaluate your quilt? They will look at your quilt for a couple of hours and send you an evaluation on the quilt and let you know if your quilt gets that designation or not, you can try up to three times a year.

Apparently don't hold me to this.

I heard it on the interwebs.

So so do this is.

So you paper me, wake up honey, I made you breakfast, fresh coffee and bagels, too a new day is waiting for us.

We got lots of fun stuff to do let's go to the zoo and feed the monkeys I can lend them.

Your baseball cap let's make the day of their fun.

Growing up is just a trap don't.

It seem like I won't, listen to any of growing up is just a big fat trap.

I take pride in ever working that day can't see that you sharp it anyway, who can't think I'm such a loner crap.

Growing up is just a trap be well, don't.

It seem like a dress is is foreign.

So I've been to the top of mount everest.

I've sailed the seven seas.

I've shared the stage with all the best a lot of good.

It did for me.

I've walked through all of china.

Walked till my feet were sore.

I came home to carolina and found my love next door.

Well, what do you know know right here next door to me? Wow, oh, been, shipped wrecked and washed ashore got travel story.



I found my love next door.

What do you know was found right here right here next door to me was found right here right here being a crafter.

I make things with my hands.

One morning, I woke up with pins and needles in my arm.

I learned to put the sewing kit away before bedtime computer-aided quilts, just don't interest me as much.

This is my interest.

Yours is probably different, regardless of our point of view.

Their creation is before us.

And I hope you enjoy each one as I do.

So so hey, foreign.

If yes, I want to thank you for watching that was sure a lot of quilts wasn't it.

They made it to the end, though you must really have a passion for quilting.

If you made it this far, did you pick out a favorite? Well, you know, I did well about 10 of them.

You can't just pick one, you know, but you may have guessed.

I marked my favorites with some flying stars when they popped up on your screen.

I hope you drop by my booth, sometime I'll give you a demo of the stencils and the pounce pad.

I carry several hundred different stencils and all the supplies you need to create your own masterpiece by using our stencils.

Currently I am booked through the spring of 2023 from the midwest to the west coast.

So you can check out my schedule at uh,, be sure to sign up for the newsletter.

So you can catch all the latest stencil techniques and news.

My sister does a great job on that newsletter.

And she has some great sales too.

If you want to see more of the show and adventures and less of the quilts be sure to watch my other grand rapids video.

Thank you again for watching please like and subscribe, but do do you.


Who won Festival of Quilts 2022? ›

We asked you, The Festival of Quilts community, to vote for the FOQ quilt competition entry that you want to receive the Visitors' Choice Award 2022 and a £500 prize thanks to last year's sponsor, Gammill. The winners was announced as 'Butterfly Tail' by Ayfer Aksehirli Bickford.

What is the largest quilt show in the US? ›

The International Quilt Festival is the largest annual quilt show in the U.S. and takes place each fall in Houston, Texas. Festival regularly attracts 55,000 people from over 35 countries all around the world.

How are quilts hung at quilt shows? ›

Most quilt shows require you to sew a 4” sleeve to the back of your quilt for hanging. This kind of sleeve is called a D sleeve because it poofs out like the letter D. The “poof” provides just the right amount of space to accommodate the hanging rod while allow your quilt to hang nice and straight.

Can you buy quilts at a quilt show? ›

Every Quilt Show is a little different which makes them so much fun to visit. However, generally they all offer 3 main things: Shopping, Workshops and Quilts. You want to make sure you have time to experience as much of each as you can.

Who is most likely to receive a star quilt? ›

They were and are given in sympathy to the family of one who has died. They are given at births. Quilts honor friends and loved ones. For the newly married couple, the star quilt is considered an essential gift, bestowing upon them recognition and respect.

What is the worlds largest outdoor quilt show? ›


The "World's Largest Outdoor Quilt Show" is always the second Saturday in July. Join us Saturday, July 8, 2023 - Please check the quilt show website for updates.

What is the oldest known quilt pattern? ›

One of the oldest applique quilt patterns is the Rose of Sharon. The Rose of Sharon, mentioned in the Bible, might actually refer to a wild tulip that grows today on the plains of Sharon in Palestine.

How old is the oldest quilt? ›

The oldest surviving example of a quilted piece is a linen carpet found in a Mongolian cave, dated to between 100 BCE and 200 CE. It is now kept at the Saint Petersburg department of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Archaeology Section.

What makes a winning quilt? ›

One of the things quilt show judges look for is binding filled to the quilt edge. That means the binding feels “stuffed” and not flat. Corners should be 90-degree angles and stitched shut with small, invisible stitches. The thread should match the binding.

What is the hardest part of making a quilt? ›

In the beginning, the hardest part for me was getting my fabric cut properly so that it wouldn't go all wonky on me while sewing. I have learned over the years to take my time while cutting so that I can avoid having uneven pieces. It takes practice. Lots and lots of practice to perfect the skill of cutting.

What do quilt judges look for? ›

Quilt judges understand entrants are at different places in their quilting journey. They look at many things when evaluating a quilt—color, design, piecing accuracy and construction, binding, quilting density, design choice and execution, tension, thread choice, starts and stops, appliqué skill and more.

What is the stitching on a quilt called? ›

Quilting is the stitching that holds the quilt top, batting, and backing together. The quilting (stitching) of the three layers of fabric can be done simply by tying the three layers together with yarn or heavy thread.

How many quilts does the average quilter make a year? ›

The average quilter today is comfortable with technology, has been quilting for over 10 years, and starts 10-12 quilt projects each year, mostly lap quilts or queen-sized quilts, in a traditional style. The average quilter spends more than six hours per week working on quilting projects.

What is the average cost of quilting a quilt? ›

Price per square inch

Many traditional quilters charge from 3 cents to 15 cents per square inch, says Katherine Bennett of Kat's Out o'the Bag in Wilmington, North Carolina, with the price range reflecting the factors going into the quilt.

Why is quilt so expensive? ›

Quilts are expensive because of the labor required to make them. Quilts require pieces of fabric to be evenly cut and sewn together to get the basic shape of a blanket. Then that piece must be sewn together with batting, backing, and binding to create a finished blanket.

What is the most famous quilt? ›

Stickle Quilt is probably one of the most famous quilts in America, if not the world. It captured the hearts and imaginations of quilters around the globe because of Brenda Papadakis' book Dear Jane, with its warm and imaginative romanticising of Jane Blakely Stickle's story and the making of this extraordinary quilt.

What are the three quilts a woman should make? ›

Quilts as storytelling

According to Grace, a woman should make three quilts before she's married: a Tree of Paradise, a Flower Basket, and a Pandora's Box. Although, some versions of this truism replace the Pandora's Box with a Double Wedding Ring quilt.

What is the greatest investment in quilting? ›

Time. In some ways time is the greatest investment that you will make in your quilting but it is often the most misunderstood. Your time is valuable, you have a finite amount and can't make any more, but so many people use it poorly.

How big is dear jane quilt? ›

Most quilters will have heard of the legendary Dear Jane Quilt. Jane A. Stickle, who was born on April 8, 1817 in Vermont made the quilt during the Civil War, completing it in 1863. It is a sampler quilt, comprised of 169 square 5” blocks, each one different.

Who owns the quilt show? ›

Our Mission Statement. in a fun, positive, interactive environment. On January 1, 2007, Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson joined forces to bring TV-quality quilt shows to the internet. Ricky Tims, the consummate entertainer, teacher, and award-winning quilter had backing from BERNINA to create a quilting series.

Where is QuiltCon 2024? ›

QuiltCon 2024 Raleigh, North Carolina

The Raleigh Convention Center is located in the heart of downtown, Raleigh, NC at 500 S Salisbury Street, Raleigh, NC 27601.

What is the most expensive quilt? ›

Sold for $264,000 at Sotheby's in 1991, the Civil War-era Reconciliation Quilt remains the most expensive ever sold.

What is the most expensive quilt ever sold? ›

The most expensive quilt ever sold at auction is a Civil War-era quilt known as the Reconciliation Quilt. It was bought for $264,000 at Sotheby's in 1991.

What is the easiest first quilt? ›

One of the easiest quilts for a beginner to make is a simple patchwork quilt. A square patchwork quilt is made from fabric squares that are sewn together in a simple grid pattern. You can cut squares from your own fabrics, or start with a precut fabric bundle called a “charm pack” or “layer cake”.

What is the average age of quilters? ›

Most quilters are female, with an average age of 55. They spend an average of 11 years quilting, and some own more than $5,000 worth of equipment.

Why were old quilts so heavy? ›

Newer quilts use the poly-filled batting for the innards which makes them light and fluffy but the oldies are the goodies, and when folded and stacked together, create a solid heavy block.

What is the easiest technique in quilting? ›

Straight line quilting is one of the easiest techniques to start with because the stitch length is determined by the machine and the only thing you have to do is guide the quilt in a straight line using a few different methods.

Is there money in making quilts? ›

If you are truly building a business and creating quilts to make money, money must help drive your decisions. If you spread yourself too thin and sell quilts on Etsy, at craft shows, and through retailers, costs can quickly increase and efficiency can go down.

What makes a quilt Amish? ›

Most Amish quilts are done with patchwork, meaning that pieces of fabric are cut into shapes and formed or “patched” into distinct patterns. Amish quilts can also be made in the appliqué style, where small pieces of fabric are sewn together to form a picture.

How can you tell a good quality quilt? ›

The best quilts are woven with durability and comfort in mind. Material, softness, breathability, and price are important considerations to make when choosing a quilt. Many companies offer several color options for sleepers to select a quilt that matches their decor and unique style preferences.

What is the coolest material for a quilt? ›

The texture of linen appeals to many quilters, and the material is made from the flax plant. Quilter's linen has absorbent properties and is cooler than other fabrics.

Is quilting an expensive hobby? ›

Quilting, like most hobbies, can be as expensive or affordable as you want it to be. However, investing in the beginner quilting supplies can get quite spendy. If you purchase all of your supplies brand new, you can expect your initial investment to be anywhere from $250 to $850.

What is the most comfortable fabric for quilts? ›

Linen is also Light's favorite quilt material. “Linen is lightweight, soft, and naturally temperature-regulating, meaning it keeps you comfortable year-round,” he says. “In the summer, linen's breathability and moisture-wicking properties cool you down.

Does quilting help your brain? ›

Studies into quilting have already shown that it can actually help patients regain mobility, particularly if they have had a neurological deficit from a stroke or brain injury. More recently, specific research into quilting has shown that it has positive benefits on mental health and wellbeing too.

What should a quilt label say? ›

Finishing Quilts – Labels
  1. The name of the quilt.
  2. The reason it was made – special occasion – holiday, graduation, wedding, birth, friendship,
  3. Topper's name.
  4. Quilter's name.
  5. Date and place where it was completed (or maybe even start date if you can remember that far back!)
  6. Care instructions.
Jun 2, 2017

What skills do you need to be a quilter? ›

Basic Quilt Making Skills – for beginners
  • Complete Basics. If you already have sewn some, then some of what we are learning today you may already know. ...
  • Cutting Fabric. ...
  • Right Sides Together. ...
  • 1/4″ Seam Allowance. ...
  • Alternating Seams. ...
  • Nesting Seams. ...
  • Open Seams. ...
  • Proper Pressing.
Sep 9, 2022

What does LOF mean in quilting? ›

Cutting WOF (Width of Fabric)

We will cut the fabric strips for the At Home quilt by LOF (length of fabric).

What is a quilt without batting called? ›

A flimsy (n., pl: flimsies) is a completed quilt top, but not quilted, with no batting, backing, or binding. Some folks feel the term demeans their slaved-over work, but it's generally meant to be lighthearted, with no malice.

What does BOM mean in quilting? ›

Common Quilting Abbreviations

BOM: Block of the Month. BSK: Basic Sewing Kit.

What is the hourly rate for a quilter? ›

A To Z Quilting pays an average hourly rate of $53 and hourly wages range from a low of $46 to a high of $60.

What is the largest quilting company? ›

Just a few years later, the Missouri Star Quilt Company is a $100 million business — the largest quilting company in the world.

What is the future of quilting? ›

It also serves as a reminder of the importance of the quilt and blanket industry in the global economy, and the potential for growth in the future. The quilt industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.5% between 2021 and 2026.

What is the best size for a quilt? ›

New Quilt Sizes
Bed Size (mattress)ComforterCoverlet/Bedspread
Long Twin (38x80)66" x 94"80" x 113"
Double (54x75)82" x 89"96" x 108"
Long Double (54x80)82" x 94"96" x 113"
Queen (60x80)88" x 94"102" x 113"
3 more rows

What is the average cost to have a queen size quilt quilted? ›

So, the average Queen size quilt will incur $201.26 in quilting charges. Additional fees include a $35 loading fee, regardless of the quilt size. This includes a light pressing of the top and backing.

What is a good size for a quilt? ›

Full — A good place to start for a full-size quilt is 70 inches / 178cm by 88 inches / 224cm or 88 inches / 224cm by 100 inches / 254cm. Again, it just depends on the drape.

Which company is best in quilt? ›

Based on our research, Divine Casa, Raymond Home, and Signature are our top picks for the best quilt brands in India. We also considered factors like size, material, fill, and design while making our recommendations.

What is the most expensive handmade quilt? ›

Prices can vary greatly, but for an authentic handstitched Amish quilt, $1,000 is not unreasonable. The most expensive quilt ever sold at auction went for $264,000 in 1991.

Can you have too many quilts? ›

whether someone has too many quilts or not is subjective and depends on individual circumstances and personal preferences. For some people, having a large collection of quilts may be a source of joy and comfort.

What is the best in show quilt in Houston 2022? ›

Angela Petrocelli's quilt “Beyond Reason” won the Best of Show Award at the 2022 International Quilt Festival. The large quilt contains over 200,000 pieces of fabric.

What is new in quilting 2022? ›

But we're here to tell you that there's a new kid on the block: 2022 is the year of patchwork clothing and accessories. These can include colourful patchwork jackets and bags, as well as stunning 70's-inspired skirts. Another trend we've been glad to see on the rise is eco-friendly quilting.

Who won the ArtPrize quilt? ›

For the second time, Ann Loveless of Frankfort, Michigan has won the top prize at Grand Rapids' annual ArtPrize competition.

What is the most expensive quilt sold? ›

The most expensive quilt ever sold at auction is a Civil War-era quilt known as the Reconciliation Quilt. It was bought for $264,000 at Sotheby's in 1991.

What is the most famous quilt block? ›

The Log Cabin block is one of the most well-known and popular of all patchwork patterns. To pioneers traveling West, it symbolized home, warmth, love and security. The center square of the block was done in red to represent the hearth, the focal point of life in a cabin or home.

Are the doans mormon? ›

Doan, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, learned to sew with a 4-H Club youth organization when she was ten years old. She continued sewing well into her adult life. She took her first quilting class after the family moved to Missouri.

What are the popular quilt colors for 2022? ›

Grays are out, and beige, brown, and rust are here to stay! Well what did you expect?! We didn't JUST mean browns! We quilters love our color too much.

What's new in quilting 2023? ›

Fabrics: For 2023, the trend is all about bold, graphic prints and bright, eye-catching colors. Geometric patterns, stripes, and florals are all popular choices. Some of the most popular fabrics this year include linen blends, cotton lawn, and batiks.

Who was the winner of ArtPrize in Grand Rapids? ›

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Creation, Destruction, Reflection, a mesmerizing display of broken and reconstructed clay jars housing tiny detailed dioramas, won the largest single prize at ArtPrize 2022, with artists voting it the best piece in the competition and awarding it $12,500.

What does the winner of ArtPrize get? ›

In addition to awards distributed as a result of a public vote, the organization distributed seven juried awards, totaling $200,000, during ArtPrize 2013 in five categories and a juried grand prize. Each category winner received $20,000. The Juried Grand Prize winner was awarded $100,000.

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