FALL PART 1 - New York State Agritourism Fall Webisode (2023)


EscapeMaker.com, guide to local weekend getaways and day trips within a day's drive or train ride of New York City debuts "The Tastes of New York," an agri-tourism webisode series featuring 5 popular areas around New York State known for their unique agri-focus. The Fall webisode features local farms and products, restaurants that use organic and local produce, wine tasting and local vineyards, great food festivals. From apple picking to corn maizes - we've got you covered! Made possible with a grant from the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets and produced by the Emmy Award nominated and award-winning Factory Films, Inc., Escapemaker.com 's host Marissa Copeland and foodie extraordinaire, travels the state with a Fall menu in hand -- seeking out the best in local ingredients and getaway ideas. Follow Marissa Copeland as she samples culinary delights from The Greater Niagara Region to Lewis County in the Adirondacks to Madison County in the Central Leatherstocking Region. From there, she continues south to Dutchess County in the Hudson Valley and then finally on to The Town of Southampton on Long Island! PARTNERS: www.greaterniagara.com http://www.lewiscountychamberofcommer... www.madisontourism.org www.dutchesstourism.com www.hamptonstravelguide.com RESOURCES: For more info on all places mentioned and a special resource section, visit: wwww.escapemaker.com/agritourism


New, York State has great ways to enjoy year-round agritourism.

Whether you want to go apple picking explore wine trail or eat in fantastic restaurants.

Join us as we explore the season's best in New York State, our tastes of New York fall menu includes harvest, fresh produce and colorful, vissa there's, truly, no better time to take a Nagra tourists.

Eight selections on our fall menu, include a B&B breakfast, a legendary regional specialty for lunch clam.

Chowder served harborside a cozy dinner amid the fall foliage and dessert in a 19th century in so join me as we explore the hall tastes of New, York, State, Amtrak and brenna car companies have teamed up to make exploring new york state, easy, affordable and echo friendly, the New York by rail publication offers discounts on train fares and car.

Rentals, metro-north rail offers service and day trip packages to Dutchess County.

And the Long Island Railroad out of New.

York's Penn Station is the quickest way out to Southampton skip the hassle.

Take the train follow me begin with breakfast and a charming hotel B&B and Dexter I can't think of a better way to start our day of fall fun than to wake up here at the inn on the falls in Poughkeepsie New York.

This unique spot is part in in part hotel.

And it wraps around a gorgeous courtyards.

But here from the patio, we have a view of the creek and the fall foliage.

What better way to get autumn started and we haven't even had breakfast yet, they offer a complimentary continental breakfast, but a full breakfast is also available, hmm.

And the best part of all it's served up with this amazing view, mmm, Ottoman.

Dutchess County means the harvest is in and there's, no better place to find it than at the Rhinebeck farmers market area.

Farmers bring their very best to this lively market.

The Rhinebeck farmers market is packed with things to discover they hold special events, showcasing seasonal products, but every Thursday and Sunday you'll meet the growers and producers that provide the fresh healthy foods of the Hudson Valley, perhaps because Dutchess County hosts, the Culinary Institute of America and hyde park.

The area has become a mecca for the best in eating proof that is the annual Hudson Valley Wine and Food Fest for two days in September, thousands flocked to taste the wines and producers from all over New York State and sample.

The gourmet foods of the Hudson Valley top chefs present cooking demonstrations and wine experts offers seminars and live music keeps everything humming along if you love good wine and good food.

This event, isn't must do when it comes to fall apple picking the Hudson Valley offers plenty of places to go and spend a warm autumn day in the orchards, if you're coming from New York City, many of these are included in metro-north rail packages with bus service right to the farms, family-owned fishkill farm in Hopewell Junction offers berry, peach and apple picking as well as a produce market.

Fishco farm was frequented by Hudson Valley, resident Franklin Roosevelt.

And it was here that he brought the visiting Winston Churchill enjoy snack on their deck and taken the amazing view out over the orchards in point.

New York, ter heun orchards is a 70 year old family owned and operated farm that features fruit trees and vegetables along with fall apple picking.

There are hay rides and a market full of tasty butter, spreads jams and baked goods.

Our last tortured stop is get Barton orchards in poughquag New York.

They offer you pick berries through the summer vegetables in late July peaches in August over 20, apple varieties in September and pumpkins in the fall weekends feature.

Live entertainment, gemstone mining, a corn, maze, hay rides and a petting zoo and their market offers all kinds of good things to eat.

We've barely broken the ice on the possibilities for agritourism in Dutchess County for more information go to Duchess tourism, calm to find lodging and plan.

Your getaway go to escape maker.


Next it's lunch at a legendary local favorite in the Niagara region.

Fall means apples in the greater niagara area.

One of the state's largest apple growing regions, the warm days and cool nights put a perfect blush on the fruit for the absolute freshest.

There are plenty of you pick apple orchards like roanoke, apple farms in stafford Genesee County.

Not only do you get the freshest crunchies apples.

But walking through the orchards on a sunny October day is a treat in itself.

They have special event weekends through the fall.

A farm stand with all kinds of products and apple gift baskets as well and fall in the greater niagara region means pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins.

And that means pumpkin picking pumpkin cleaning pumpkin cooking pumpkin, weighing and pumpkin launching the greatest pumpkin of them.

All in fact, is the great pumpkin farm in Clarence New York for three consecutive weekends at the end of September.

There is more going on here than we can list.

Highlights include a professional pumpkin Carver, corn, maze, pumpkin catapults pumpkin drop and the world pumpkin federation way off with winners topping thousand pounds apples and pumpkins come together at the Apple unconfessed of all in the historic village of Wyoming New York, the tiny village boasts more than 70 buildings on the National Historic Registry, crafts, three, nonstop, music stages as well as strolling entertainers fill quaint streets, still illuminated by Gaslight wonderful, local foods are available, including a famous apple pumpkin sausage.

That's only made during the festival take away the taste of Wyoming with the Apple uncle cookbook.

And if you can't make it here, there's order information online at Apple, I'm, pking, calm finally, it's time for lunch.

And we created an aggravation whose Buffalo New York.

And you don't even think of Buffalo without making a puzzle awake.

So that's, what I'm having for lunch spicy wings, originated in Buffalo at the anchor bar.

But then they became a world phenomenon.

In fact, there's so much a part of the culture here that y antes fancy cheese is over nearby.

Corfu actually makes a buffalo wing.

Hot sauce flavored, cheddar, cheese, whoa, Buffalo, even hosts, a buffalo, wing festival every Labor Day weekend, the famous chefs music and wings from all over the country.

Now, these chicken wings are from one-eyed Jack's over Lockport, New, York and they're different than traditional chicken wings.

Because instead of being no dipped in hot sauce and cook to the fryer.

He actually rubs him with the dry spice.

And then puts him in his smoker for more adventurous and vacations go to greater niagara, calm to find lodging and plan.

Your getaway good escape maker, calm.


How do I get started in agritourism? ›

Creating an Agritourism Business Plan
  1. Always Start with the Story. ...
  2. Capture the Overview of Your Business and Business Needs. ...
  3. Goals and Objectives. ...
  4. Conduct a Market Analysis. ...
  5. Build out an Operation and Management Plan. ...
  6. Identify Your Marketing Strategy. ...
  7. Develop Your Financial Strategy.

What is the New York State Agricultural Tourism Law? ›

The “Safety in Agricultural Tourism Act,” now part of New York's General Obligations Law (“GOL”), provides that owners and operators of agricultural tourism areas “shall not be liable for an injury to or death of a visitor if the provisions of General Obligations Law Section 18-303(1)(a) – (e) are met.

What are the 5 categories of agritourism? ›

Agritourism definitions vary and involve five types of activities – education, entertainment, direct sales, outdoor activity, and hospitality – which differ in depth of connection to the primary agricultural activity at that site.

What are the three types of agritourism? ›

Examples of agritourism activities include but are not limited to:
  • U-picks. ...
  • On-farm markets. ...
  • Pumpkin Patches. ...
  • Corn mazes. ...
  • Vineyards and wineries. ...
  • Floriculture farms. ...
  • Demonstration farms. ...
  • Christmas tree farms.

How many acres is considered a farm in NY? ›

Agricultural Unit

To qualify for agricultural assessment: Land generally must be a minimum of 7 acres and farmed by a single operation. Land must be used for crop production, commercial boarding of horses or livestock production.

What is an agricultural exemption in NY? ›

Any assessed valuation of the eligible land in excess of its agricultural assessment is exempt from taxation. To qualify, the owner must annually submit an application verifying that the land is located within an established agricultural district and that it satisfies the property use requirements.

Do you need a license to farm in NY? ›

New York does not require you to register or licence your farm or homestead. However, it's not a bad idea to register on the federal level with the USDA's Farm Services Agency to see if you are eligible for any federal farm programs and resources, including financing.

What can be considered as agritourism? ›

Agritourism – Any activity carried out on a farm or ranch that allows members of the general public, for recreational, entertainment, or educational purposes, to view or enjoy rural activities, including farming, ranching, historic, cultural, harvest-your-own activities, or natural activities and attractions.

What is included in agritourism? ›

Educational or recreational agritourism uses can include farm tours, farm classes, farm stays, corn mazes, harvest festivals, and other similar events. Use of farms for special private events, such as weddings, receptions, or private parties, may also be considered as an agritourism use.

What are 3 of the best management practices for an agritourism business? ›

Best Management Practices for an agritourism business include:
  • Providing an authentic farm or ranch experience.
  • Providing an educational experience.
  • Providing excellent customer service.
  • Providing adequate public facilities.
  • Maintaining a safe and accessible environment.
  • Creating good community relations.

Is agritourism profitable? ›

The survey's preliminary findings suggest agritourism can indeed be a profitable supplement to a farm or ranch business.

Where is agritourism most popular? ›

An abundance of vineyards and organic farms makes California a top agritourism destination. More than a third of the vegetables and two-thirds of the fruits and nuts grown in the U.S. come from California. The Golden State is home to a world-famous Wine Country, century-old orchards, avocado farms, fisheries, and more.

What are 4 examples of activities that can be done on an agritourism site here in the Philippines? ›

Agritourism activities may include vegetable- or fruit-picking, sampling of local wines, planting rice or root crops, visit to organic farms, milking cows, riding carabaos, catching fish, coffee bean picking, farm-to-table dining, and more. This type of tourism invites active involvement from travelers.

Does agritourism make money? ›

California, the nation's largest farm state, was among the leaders in agritourism, according to the census, with nearly 700 farms averaging more than $50,000 in agritourism income.

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