Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 screen protectors 2024 (2024)

It's a two-generation old device at this point, but there's no denying the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 continues to be a cutting-edge smartphone. Although it has many standout features, the biggest (quite literally) is that gorgeous 7.6-inch folding display. Then there's the 6.2-inch cover screen, which is just as impressive. That said, these two Dynamic AMOLED panels need to be shielded well against daily wear and tear in order to maintain their good looks. So, whether you've already had this funky foldable for some time or are planning to get one soon, we suggest checking out the best Galaxy Z Fold 3 screen protectors that'll help you keep both of those displays in top condition.

Here are the best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 screen protectors

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Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 screen protectors 2024 (1)

ArmorSuit MilitaryShield HD screen protector (2-pack)

Staff Pick

Made with laser-cutting technology, ArmorSuit's MilitaryShield HD does a great job of shielding the Galaxy Z Fold 3's outer and inner displays from scratches, fingerprints, and much more. The screen protectors resist discoloration and have self-healing properties that make minor scuffs go away on their own. You also get all the required tools for a hassle-free installation, and the product is backed by a lifetime replacement warranty.

Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 screen protectors 2024 (2)

Ringke Invisible Defender Film screen protector (2-pack)

No creases

Well-known for its amazing line-up of smartphone cases, Ringke also offers some pretty solid screen protectors, like this Invisible Defender. The film-based option encompasses five layers and is made using high-elastic polyurethane material that allows it to retain its shape even after the phone is folded. The film makes for enhanced visual clarity and is compatible with the majority of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 cases available in the market.

Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 screen protectors 2024 (3)

Whitestone Dome EPU Film screen protector (3-pack)

No smudges and fingerprints

Many run-of-the-mill PET film screen protectors are available in the market, but they need replacement quite often, as they get scratched up quite easily. However, that's not an issue with the Whitestone Dome EPU film-based screen protector as it comes with self-healing properties. It also does a better job of keeping away smudges and fingerprints compared to TPU-based screen protectors. The combo includes films for both displays and the back panel.

Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 screen protectors 2024 (4)

Supershieldz Clear Shield screen protector (2-pack)

Simple and reliable

Made from high-quality TPU film, these screen protectors from Supershieldz keep both the inner and outer displays of Galaxy Z Fold 3 guarded from scuffs, scratches, and all kinds of wear and tear. Despite offering five layers of protection, they don't affect the touch response and visual clarity of the displays at all. Apart from that, applying them is quite easy and there's no residue to deal with after removal either.

Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 screen protectors 2024 (5)

Orzero Soft TPU screen protector (2-set pack)

Lifetime replacement

Concerned about bubbles coming up once you're done applying screen protectors on your Galaxy Z Fold 3? Look no further than these TPU-based offerings from Orzero. They are backed with a hassle-free lifetime replacement warranty, just in case things go south when you're putting them on. A two-section design allows for bubble-free installation, while the 0.15mm thickness makes for improved touch sensitivity.

Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 screen protectors 2024 (6)

Milomdoi TPU screen and camera lens protector (2-set pack)

For screens and rear camera array

Milomdoi's combo pack is arguably among the best accessories you can get for your Galaxy Z Fold 3. In addition to four flexible TPU screen protectors (2 each for the inner and outer displays), it also includes two tempered glass films for shielding the triple-lens camera module of the smartphone. The screen protectors also have self-healing properties and allow for increased touch sensitivity, while keeping away smudges and fingerprints.

Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 screen protectors 2024 (7)

Ermorgen Full Coverage screen protector (3-set pack)

Easy to apply

Ermorgen's combo three-set (with a total of nine items) includes specially made soft screen protectors that easily adhere to the Galaxy Z Fold 3's curved displays, thanks to their high degree of adsorption force. You also get protection for the smartphone's back panel, while the two-section design makes the application process hassle-free and without any bubbles. What's more, the display's touch sensitivity isn't affected either.

Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 screen protectors 2024 (8)

IQ Shield Matte screen protector (2-pack)

No more glare

As amazing as they are, the two displays of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 can be quite reflective. If that bothers you, do check out this matte screen protector by IQ Shield. As the name suggests, it features a matte finish that reduces glare, making it easier to use the foldable in bright environments. Not only that, but you also get improved touch sensitivity and better protection from smudges and fingerprints.

Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 screen protectors 2024 (9)

TOCOL Front Display Privacy screen protector (2-set pack)

For your eyes only

If you often use your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 in public places, we suggest getting one of these tempered glass offerings from TOCOL. Thanks to their special design, these screen protectors ensure that the content shown on the display can only be seen by the person directly in front of it, thus keeping all private info visible only to you. It's only available for the outer display, but you also get protective films for the rear camera array, as well as an alignment frame.

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Keep both displays of your foldable smartphone looking like new

Having now been superseded by two newer models, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is arguably no longer among the best foldable phones out there. However, there's no doubt that it remains a top-of-the-line smartphone that'll continue to serve you well for a long time, even if you buy it today. Its biggest highlight is the folding Dynamic AMOLED screen, which perfectly complements the outer Dynamic AMOLED panel for a unique user experience. However, both these displays need protection, so getting one of these best Galaxy Z Fold 3 screen protectors makes all the sense. Our overall vote goes to ArmorSuit's MilitaryShield, which is made in the USA and uses a scratch-resistant and optically transparent material. It fits the inner and outer displays of the foldable quite well and is also resistant to fingerprints, dust, and smudges.

Then there are Whitestone's Dome EPU film screen protectors, which come with self-healing properties that make minor scuffs and scratches go away on their own over time. This essentially means you don't have to replace screen protectors that often and just have to grab one (or more) of the best Galaxy Z Fold 3 cases to get long-lasting protection for your premium foldable flagship. We also suggest checking out TOCOL's privacy screen protector that only allows on-screen content to be viewed by the person directly holding the smartphone but do note that it only covers the outer screen.

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