AWESOME CHEVY CAR SHOW! - 20th Annual All Chevy Car Show! - Stillwater Minnesota 2021. Classic Cars. (2023)


This was all filmed at the All Chevy Car Show at Stillwater Motors in Stillwater Minnesota. July 10th, 2021.

This Car Show was put on by the NorthStar Camaro Car Club of Minnesota.

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NorthStar Camaro Car Club of Minnesota,


Yeah, buddy, good, looking impala here.

Okay, what's going on everybody.

Matt from nasa wrench show here today, we're at stillwater motors in stillwater, minnesota at an all chevy car, show it's put on by the north star camaro car club of minnesota and uh, nothing, but chevy's today.


So a lot of older chevys, some newer chevys, nothing much chevy.

So I hope you like chevy, if you do you're gonna enjoy this episode, if you don't like chevy, I'm, not sure why you clicked that button to watch this episode, but anyways, guys, there's a lot of cool cars in there.

I've been looking at cars all morning here all day so let's get in there and let's see some cool.

Cars, 1969, camaro, super sport, 396 turbo jet 375 horsepower got the boss and a-track in there love it.

Another 1969, chevy camaro, z28.

Another 1969, chevy camaro.

This one's got a 400 in it.

Massive 1971, chevy camaro got a 496 supercharged motor in it.

750 horsepower it's.


Oh yeah, hop in and hang on 1970, camaro supercharged.

I kind of love the front ends of the 70s.

I just got a kind of a cool look look at the interior of this guy, wow, it's, pristine.

So which one do you take this one or this one, not in a race, just to like hang out in and just drive around, which one would you rather have comes a good-looking chevy truck, incredible 1955, chevy, bel air.

This thing is incredible have I seen this before? Man? This thing is amazing, um that 2006 corvette here next to a 2005, beautiful, holy cow.

Next to a 2006.

I believe, yeah, 2016, corvette.

1968, chevy, chevelle, 427.

You have the her shifter in there.

1962, corvette, hmm.

1964, corvette, stingray, you're, just noticing the paint on this.

One it's like a dark deep navy blue.

But with like a little blue like flake in it it's really sharp, you think it's black.

But in the sun it's, actually, blue, 1966, impala, super sport.

Gorgeous looks like a 63 chevy impala fixing to take off here.


A 1970, chevy nova, just with a flat black paint job.

Honestly it looks pretty pretty awesome like this.

In my opinion kind of love the flat black with like the tinted windows and stuff here's.

A 1960 chevy apache c10 in absolutely incredible condition, kind of a resto mod here.



Look at the bed in here, too.

Why on this truck, this is incredible sorry, I'm, not even filming here because I'm just looking at the truck, holy cow, a few new bells and whistles in here got a 1968 camaro here, absolutely gorgeous right next to another 1970, camaro it's, a beautiful 1965, corvette, holy cow, chevy, 327, turbo, fire.


This is an easy car to drool upon holy cow.

This car man, 1962, impala just love the interiors of these cars.

Hey, this is one nice impala, here's, a 1965 el camino with a 454 in it here's.

A 1966, chevy, caprice, good, looking car.

327, turbo, fire, 275 horsepower.


The second time we saw that engine today.

I love it.

I love the color on that, too just a solid color.

Man, good color.

I love the big bench.

This is something cool.

I haven't seen for a while 1966, chevy suburban he's got the air ride suspension in it sitting nice and low for the show today that looks so good.

No, I wouldn't mind.

If it was a gentleman just came by and said, I don't see the point of dropping it down so low.

How do you drive it? Anywhere? I said, well, they can they can lift it anytime.

They want people have forgotten about the low rider like where it comes from most people out there probably know, but the police made it illegal for cars to to be that low.

I think it was below the rim something like that of the wheel and uh.

So they put the the air rides in them and the hydraulics and stuff to lift them when the cops came by and the cops were gone, drop them back down low a little bit of history there.

I felt like sharon because a gentleman didn't get it it's just part of history, a part of culture part of the car community there's, a story behind it.

This don't just do it because it looks cool.

But behind it.

There was a reason, and that reason was kind of stick it to the man in like a absolutely cool fun way in my opinion, didn't do anybody any harm just a little loads of fun.


That's enough got some subwoofers allowed to say here.

I said, one, 1963, impala, here's, one, we haven't seen yet 1964, chevy malibu.

This is a 1967 chevy malibu.

I've actually filmed this car before I believe it was at the willow river car club in hudson wisconsin.

I filmed this one, although I can't remember been to so many car shows, I think it's in that video too.

But you don't forget this purple malibu with I can't have this much fun with the diamond it's.

A pretty fun car.

This is good looking 67 malibu, oh, yeah, there you go river.

Run river falls so that's that's near where the that hudson car show was.

So it was probably that's.

Probably the car show I saw it at awesome car, it's, a 1966, impala 283 in it.

Matching numbers.

A 1967 chevy caprice with a lot of factory bells and whistles.


Ah, man, got the a-track machine in there still that's.

Incredible 1967, chevy, bel-air class, champion, minnesota, dragways, minnesota, dragway's top.

Ten number one, it's, awesome.

Some history there's, a 1972, camaro, really, good condition.

It's kind of cool.

I got a 1967 camaro here right next to a 77, camaro so 10 years in between them that's, what you get kind of a cool comparison next to each other back inside the 77 camaro here.

I love the interior on this.

Look at this.

It was a 1965 corvette this one's for sale.

Okay? Everybody a 1968, chevy nova.

But with an interesting engine in it, you don't see these guys with just this guy in her straight six, 250 turbo thrift 155 horsepower.

So not cruising down the road too fast in this bad.

Boy, still kind of fun to see a straight six in there.

People don't show these motors off too much, but 1957 chevy bel air.

1971 chevy, chevelle 454.

is 1970, el camino, beautiful car.

So 1970, chevy chevelle, 454 in it geez.

These 454s are just massive engines.

Man, oh, my gosh, a couple of fun things about her here.

1964, chevy impala, I call red accents, 1932, chevy, 1936, chevy coupe.

There you go 1937 chevy coupe here, 1937 chevy, two-door, it's, a 1941 chevy, half ton.

1964, chevy, nova, 1916, corvette stingray with the original owner here to share about a little bit about the car only one owner on this car.

So it's, pretty cool pretty cool to see.

So yeah, tell me a little bit about the car since you're, the only owner it's kind of fun to hear a pretty basic car.

300 horse 350.

Standard, four speed, uh, option is an am fm radio tonight.

It was 178 dollars.

Yeah, these little louvers down here, the chrome that was uh, 20 and 10 cents.

Okay, yeah.

And actually the four speed you paid extra for that.

Okay, so I guess most of them were sold as automatics.


And uh, the sticker price on.

It was 55 50.


And uh, we were able to get it for 4 800 because it was a a leftover brand new car.

But it was a leftover 69.

Nobody wanted it.

And then, well for some reason up there, upper ish issues in upper michigan.

Yeah, yeah, and uh, I was stationed in air force base up there and that's how we happen to be in that area.

Okay? And they advertised it in the base newspaper, my wife, and I drove over there and said, you've always talked about corvettes and found this one.

And it was a heck of a deal when you consider it.

Yeah, for sure.

So somehow we've been able to hold on to it ever since very cool.

This is the picture of the day that we bought it.

Okay, april.

1St, 1970, ishmael, michigan.


And this is in my driveway in apple valley, 50 years later, one owner and see you see that dog he didn't, he didn't make it 50 years.

Sure, yeah, don't see, too many vehicles owned by just one person anymore, not often at least this, uh, you know this year.

Anyway, all right here's the window sticker.

You said, with all the different options you got on it.

So the basic price of the car with destination was just a little shy of 5.

000., yeah.

Okay, 50, yeah, 5, 000.

And it ended up at 55.50 there.

You go and there's the price of the.

So it doesn't have a lot of options.

Yeah, yeah.

One of the ones it does have is power steering and I'm really always been glad it.


Yeah, absolutely that's a dollar a picture.

All right.

This thing takes 29 of them a second so 1956, chevy.

So foreign here's, a 1981, chevy, camaro, 1977, el camino, a 1965, chevy, c10, there's, a 1972 monte carlo.

I believe with one owner here original owner.

It says, here pretty cool.

I mean, this looks good incredible car.



I remember this chevy camaro here from the back to the 80s, car show 1991., remember the paint job, the kind of painted on chevy bow tie there to look like metal, it's cool.

I like it there's, a newer camaro, kind of like the front end there, the little knight rider type of light on there.


This camaro is it's, pretty sharp.

So as you can tell, I've been concentrating more on the older cars that I come across, but there are quite a few newer cars here, camaros and some some corvettes and stuff.

So maybe let's take a look at some of those now here's a 2017 corvette, look, how tight everything is on these newer engines this gigantic red wall in front of me is a 1990, corvette.

I love the hoods on corvettes they're, just like we're gonna put the entire thing you're gonna lift the entire thing up it's, always fun to see the headlights though and these turn on the way they flip around like that.

1993, chevy camaro it's, a 2015 camaro.

I like the newer look of khmer.

I like what they did with a new look.

I could definitely see myself driving one of these at some point.

2017 chevy, camaro me, the 2016 camaro here, kind of like a almost a leather looking racing stripe on it there's, a 1987, high rock, z, kind of cool to see there's a 2017 for sale.

Chevy camaro, zl1, 62 grand there.

You go let's say, like less all right gang.

Well, that's all the time I have for this episode.

I hope you enjoy checking out all those good looking chevy's in there.

Today, I sure did loads of fun.

I love chevys.

I love chevys.

I would uh love to get into a camaro someday.

So maybe someday we'll see who knows, I got a lot of dreams about a lot of different types of cars.

I'd love to get left to get into and drive someday.

But anyways, guys, appreciate you, uh, watching this episode, please like please share the video if you could for me, please subscribe to the channel.

If you haven't got a lot of good, uh, car, show episodes on this channel, um and I'm gonna be heading down the road here.

Guys for today.

So uh, we'll, see you next time on matt's rad show and down the road like I said, check, you later, okay, bye.

So you.


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