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For the contemporary lover...this home was modeled after a high end executive Bruce Bren home in Plymouth and inspired by a Bank in Rosedale Shopping Center which had expansive clear story windows. (Read on or jump to the *'s (stars) for the highlights). Welcome to this grand *reverse salt box style home with elongated front roofline on a peaceful *3+ acre wooded retreat which includes a *Japanese garden with "pom pom" shaped trees, *wetland pond view and *railroad tie stepping path into the *woods where generations have grown up and made lasting memories. With this luxury home's *tranquil setting and miles of hilly walking adventures, who needs a cabin? Yet it is only *10 minutes to St Paul and *12 minutes to the airport making it a commuter's dream location. This home was built in 1984 and *modeled after a high end executive Bruce Bren home in Plymouth and *inspired by a Bank in Rosedale Shopping Center which had *expansive clear story windows. For the contemprary lover, it is a warm and *open design that works well for families of all ages. This home is drenched with sunlight throughout, *easily lit up due to the *open floor plan and cost effective because the *furnace does not need to run on a sunny day in the winter. A favorite area of the home is the *entertainer's kitchen with built in command center/*planning desk, *high end stainless appliances, *undermount sink and *solid oak & granite conversation/prepping island. This is a place where everyone converges and mingles before moving into the *spacious formal dining area where endless dinner parties have taken place. From the family room you'll be welcomed onto the vast deck through the heightened *8 ft patio. Guests and family will enjoy the *51 foot wide deck that wraps from dining to master bedroom and offers views of the breathtaking wild, wooded pond. The main level family room has *high vaulted ceilings and four rooms on 2 levels enjoy the *expansive brick fireplace. You'll also enjoy the convenience of the *mud room as well as an *elegant 1/2 guest bath with vessel sink and a serene *main level master suite. Recent renovations to this lovely master suite include separate *soaking tub, *3 sided shower, *his and hers vanity counters and *double closets finished with Container Store inspiration. Along with a *new skylight & shade, *cottage ceiling and *access to the lovely expansive deck which is perfect for coffee, a view and serenade from the chirping birds and bustling squirrels. This home has been a blessing for kids and guests as well. The upper level boasts *2 bedrooms with *wooded views, *extensive closet space, bedroom 2 has *exposed beams and looks at an apple tree. The upper level also has a *custom stone renovated bath, *lofted/family room with *built in Thomasville desk & *built in game storage cabinetry. This space really helps puts a genuine focus on family time. Enjoy *solid oak doors throughout and recently varnished *Pella windows. The full, *finished, *walkout basement offers another family room which easily holds 15 friends at a time, *4th bedroom, *luxury remodel bath with *whirlpool tub and *walk in shower, *home office with *rectangular vault, spotlighting a spectacular view out the *look out windows, *excellent storage, *playroom, *laundry/craft room with *double counters, *sink and more! Enjoy many varieties of Minnesota *hearty perennials in the landscaping from Hosta to Sedum to Spirea. Other recent updates include the *roof, *skylights, *exterior lights, *driveway and *fresh neutral paint. *Walk to Loveland Park where you can enjoy a skating rink in the winter months...A prime serene location just on the *outer edge of Woodbury, *impeccable design and construction and *meticulous care by the current owners make this a perfect place to call home...just waiting for a new story to be written.
Stainless kitchen with double ovens (top oven convection),
convection microwave, 5 burner cooktop, fridge with lower freezer, dishwasher, washer & dryer.

Wood Multimedia Production is a full service "Multimedia" Minnesota based Twin Cities company. My most common project is creating Informational Videos for small business promotion and marketing, which can be as elaborate as you wish. I create Opener and Ending Titles, and add Credits and Contact Information before, during, or after the video. Being in the performing arts for almost 2 decades as a Professional Ballroom Instructor James is creative and has many dynamic ideas to help your next project succeed.
James Wood
Saint Paul/Woodbury, MN
Call 651-605-5743


Experience the passion you expect and the attention you deserve.

What we really liked about the setting is the closeness to nature so we're, you know, in the middle of the wilderness, almost we have water in the back, the lots about three acres a little bigger than three acres.

And yet we're, very very close to the airport to the st.


So it's, really a nice place.

The school district is south washington, county, school district.

And our children went to bailey, elementary woodberry junior high school.

And now they would have gone to the new East, Ridge, High, School so that's where they would have gone to school.

And then there's options of like new life.

Academy is very close.

And math science academy is also very close.

The design of the home was inspired by two things.

One was a house over in Plymouth that was close to my sisters.

And it was a Bruce Bren home.

And then we also close to our house when we were growing up as kids was a bank, it's, a wells fargo bank over by rosedale shopping center.

And it had the clear story windows to it.

And we patterned the house off of the Bruce brand home over implement.

It is very open with a lot of window and light.

One light you turn one light on.

And the whole house is lit up and that's.

What I like about the design of the house, very open solutely the kitchen.

We love to cook, and we love to entertain the kitchen was designed.

So that I was going to have cooking lessons as well.

And from its large enough to accommodate many, many people mingling around in the kitchen, why we cook and kamila and and talk and Jeff love the dining room, yeah, I like the dining room because we can have gas the rings of 12 people.

If we get more than that, we can spill the people out onto the back deck or into the living room.

A couple weeks ago, we had 44 people from our choir.

And just felt very comfortable my favorite quiet area of the home is actually on the back deck.

So I would go out to the back deck and just sit and I, just listen to the birds chirp.

And watch them fly around watch.

The squirrels that's, where that's where I go at least in, you know times when the weather is decent.

And then when the weather is not so decent, then I go down to my officer down in the basement.

It's, very peaceful area.

I love.

The family room, Lee got nice, comfortable couch.

I can just lay down curling up on the couch and read a book.

The family romita in doubt down in the basement or upstairs, very peaceful, very quiet, mmm.

The landscaping that's around the home is primarily perennials so it's a large perennial garden.

So we have lots of hosta rosy glow, sedum spirea.

And then we tried to sprinkle in a couple of trees to give a shade because both of us work.

We wanted to make sure that is as carefree as possible.

So we work with Buckman and we work with gotten to design our landscape.

So that would be would require minimum amount of work.

And yet give us a beautiful view.

So for us to come home to then some of the bushes you'll see, our kind of shaped like little pom-poms and that's, Kim's, mom and she's like 83 years old, spent her whole vacation here, trimming those bushes to make them look like pom-poms, pretty common in Vietnam cleaning, the house and have a clean house is extremely extremely important to me anyway.

So, and then we've tried to maintain the house by doing maybe a project every year.

So like last year, we put on a new roof this year.

We put in a new driveway.

And so we just try to keep the property as contemporary and as possible, and in the perfect working condition, because he does think that's really not necessary to do.

But he we have a lot of pride in this house.

We love this house, and we want to make sure that whoever come into this house would love it and have a wonderful experience that we also have at your house with this house, oh I'm going to miss everything about this house is the home where children grow up in the house that we have so much memory and many many wonderful time at this house, I'm gonna miss everything about this house.

And for me, I'm gonna miss some I like to walk.

So around.

This area is just you can walk forever, there's, beautiful hills.

A lot of the neighbors walk around here.

So you know, you connect in interface with the neighbors in the area.

So that's it on this.

So are we ready for a new family to experience this home? Absolutely yeah, it's, a kind of sad because our kids are grown and I know, there's, lots of things.

Our kids enjoyed that I think other children would really enjoy like just playing in the woods in the back, our ice, skating and a little pond or over in the park across the way.

So we enjoyed that with our kids and I think it's time for somebody else to enjoy them experience, the passion you expect and the attention you deserve for more information call us at 65 1209 3767 or online at mattj, a realtor, calm.

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